Retten Sie unsere Plakate!

Science, Community, and Education
Die Sammlung Friedrich Rehse ist eine der eindrucksvollsten zeitgeschichtlichen Plakatsammlungen Österreichs. Helfen Sie mit, diese Plakate vor dem Verfall zu retten!
by ursulaschwarz, Vienna
117% funded
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Sigmund Freud, Berggasse 19

Exhibition, Science, and Community
He was a taboo-breaker, creating a new image of man. Number 19 Berggasse, where Freud lived and worked, is undergoing renovation and his museum is to be enlarged. Help us to save this unique landmark!
by Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna
106% funded
EUR 85’504 pledged
304 backers

Saving: Die Stadt ohne Juden

Film and Community
DIE STADT OHNE JUDEN / THE CITY WITHOUT JEWS (1924) is one of the most significant films in the history of Austrian cinema and it is a socio-political monument. Help us to save it from decaying!
by Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna
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714 backers

Als die Nacht begann

Film, Community, and Art
We aim to animate the graphic novel «Als die Nacht begann» out of 5760 linolcuts! Let’s make a statement together for courage, resistance and antifascism!
by RINGECK Film, Vienna
18% funded
EUR 2’880 pledged
81 backers