SOS Fruits

Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Community
SOS Fruits est une association qui propose un service de récolte bénévole régional à des propriétaires d’arbres fruitiers, tout en permettant à des personnes de venir récolter des fruits gratuitement.
by SOS Fruits, Yverdon-les-Bains
117% funded
CHF 5’899 pledged
98 backers

The Bulldog Attitude

Community and Animals
A shelter for bulldogs. We will open a reception center to temporarily accommodate the dozens of dogs we place every year. Support us for the opening of this wonderful project !
by Isabelle Dupraz – Directrice de la Fondation Bouledogue Attitude, Françoise Houriet - Membre du Conseil de Fondation, and Francis Duc - Membre du Conseil de Fondation, Neyruz-sur-Moudon
100% funded
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Together Now

Zusammen mit dir unterstützen wir diejenigen, die die Coronakrise am Ärgsten trifft. Wir schaffen ein Überbrückungseinkommen, das Menschen ohne Festanstellung durch die Krise hilft. Mach's möglich!
by Verein Dein Grundeinkommen, Team wemakeit, and Dezentrum, Zürich
112% funded
CHF 281’644 pledged
1502 backers

Impact Fund 2020 / Climate

Do more for our climate! With the Impact Fund and your support, we’ll help climate projects at wemakeit come to life. Join us now, the time to save our climate is running out!
by Verein Impact2020 and Team wemakeit, Zürich
108% funded
CHF 271’799 pledged
2037 backers

Save the Bees

Science, Startup, and Environment
The varroa mite is the main reason for bee deaths, we have found a solution to defeat the parasite. Support us in making our innovation accessible to all beekeepers.
by Pascal and Willi, Winterthur
190% funded
CHF 95’446 pledged
565 backers

Stop synthetic pesticides

Agriculture, Politics, and Environment
Future3 has created an initiative in 2016, with the goal of changing the constitution to ban the use of synthetic pesticides in Switzerland.
by Association "Pour une Suisse libre de pesticides de synthèse", Neuchâtel
103% funded
CHF 25’976 pledged
252 backers

Fly the World

Film, Community, and Environment
Fly The World is an interactive air expedition to meet our planet. Aerial survey across 5 continents, 50 countries, 80'000km in 400 days to remember the forgotten wonders.
by Xavier Rosset, Sion
272% funded
CHF 27’209 pledged
107 backers

smartvote 3.0

Politics, Community, and Technology
Jeder 5. Wähler verlässt sich auf smartvote. Damit das so bleibt und es noch mehr werden, braucht es dringend eine Frischzellenkur: Hilf uns, smartvote zu verbessern und zukunftsfit zu machen.
by smartvote, Bern
183% funded
CHF 45’875 pledged
705 backers

Mobile organic catering

Support Crêpes Gourmandes in the development of its mobile catering business by participating in the purchase of a food truck. Organic crêpes, side dishes and other treats will be served!
by Jeanne Froidevaux, Yverdon-les-Bains and Lausanne
109% funded
CHF 13’088 pledged
70 backers

Bond n Fly

Startup, Community, and Environment
Give support to Bond n Fly! This travel community project aims to help people find travel friends and share adventures together. Join our community and let’s travel 2gether!
by Bond n Fly, Bern
111% funded
CHF 8’385 pledged
61 backers

Orioxy: New album

Orioxy is working on the 3rd album – to be released in February 2015! The production of the disc is at our expense and for that we are asking for your support!
by Orioxy, Geneva
115% funded
CHF 11’542 pledged
58 backers