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We Fancy

Music and Festival


Waves Festival brings around 100 acts from all over the world to Vienna from 7. to 9.9. and hosts a conference for the music scene. In order for the festival to go over in the fall, we need you!

69 %
EUR 10’384
12 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education


Ekimeli School has grown! In order to be able to continue to offer the almost 500 pupils a good quality of education, we have to expand the infrastructure.

34 %
CHF 6’850
29 days to go

Music, Dance, and Education


Linnan alla - Begegnungsraum

by Michaela Kyllönen

Ein Raum der freundlichen Begegnung, ein Ort, wo Musik auf Tanzfüße trifft, wo die Stimme Gehör findet, die «Vibes» gut sind, Bauch und Seele genährt werden, wo Freude und Kreativität zu Hause sind.

37 %
EUR 5’606
30 days to go

Food and Startup


BANQERO ist das etwas verrückte Projekt von Arnaud und Yann, zwei enthusiastischen Menschen, die sich der Herausforderung gestellt haben, in der Schweiz Rum zu produzieren.

56 %
CHF 14’005
18 days to go

Now! Projects

Community, Comics, and Literature


Too Big to Fail?!

by Edition Moderne

We are Edition Moderne, the comic publishing house from Zurich. We’re having financial difficulties and need your support to survive. Together we are too big to fail!

107 %
CHF 107’288
15 days to go

Community and Literature


This library has the objective to make accessible books about LGBTIQ+ subjects for the largest number of people. Comics, albums, magazines, mangas, the more media possible.

47 %
CHF 5’640
11 days to go

Food, Fair Trade, and Community


Oh no Lulu!

by Ohnolulu!

Oh no Lulu! will have 3 rooms with 3 different atmospheres in the heart of the Banking District. Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable tasting experience, by participating in a unique activity.

30 %
CHF 18’065
28 days to go

Publishing, architecture, and Environment


The Real Deal

by Fabian Hoermann

The Real Deal ermutigt Entscheider*innen der Baubranche die Bauwende in ihrem Umfeld zu aktivieren. Interviews, Vorteile, Kontext, Geschichten des Gelingens werden in verschiedenen Medien aufbereitet.

23 %
CHF 2’785
18 days to go

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