The climate concerns everyone. And we all can do something against climate warming. With the aim of amplifying the impact of those projects, which are doing exactly that, about a year ago now, the wemakeit community set up the Impact Fund. The impact fund supports selected projects with 25,000 Swiss francs each; thus providing them with the critical stimulus to make them even bigger and more effective.

This year, we were able to double the Impact Fund thanks to the support coming from our partner foundation: we collected 541,690 Swiss francs for climate-related projects. This allows us to support 20 projects!

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Your turn now

This year, we will again support innovative ideas fighting climate change: projects reducing our society’s CO2 emissions, developing climate-neutral products or carrying out necessary information campaigns. Right now, as politicians tend to loose sight of global warming because of the coronavirus pandemic, such projects are more important than ever.

Which projects are eligible?

All of them! A classic tree planting scheme, an experimental music project, a product launch, a rally, a neighborhood initiative or a farming strategy – it’s possible to participate with any project of any category. The project can be something fundamentally new or evolve from an existing project. The only thing that matters is its impact on the climate.

The fight against climate change is diverse and innovative – just take a look at the projects we funded in our first edition. You can find them here.

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How to get Impact Fund support

If your projects aims for a funding goal of at least 25,000 Swiss francs you are eligible. As soon as you’ve collected 25,000 Swiss francs, with at least 200 backers participating, the Impact Fund will give your project an additional boost of another 25,000 Swiss francs. This is what you need to do:

  1. CREATE PROJECT DRAFT Use our editor to create a draft of your project wemakeit Editor. This first draft does not necessarily have to be the final one. However, it is important that you get it across what you are trying to do and in what ways your project will help fight climate change. The more pictures, rewards and details you provide, the easier it will be for us to get an idea of what your project is all about. Expert advice: Create a video in which you explain your idea in a few short sentences.

  2. COMPLETE MISSION MODEL CANVAS Describe your mission achievement and how you are going to measure the impact of it using the «Mission Model Canvas». You can find an example on our Miro Board. You can create your own Miro Board and add the «Mission Model Canvas» as a screenshot.

  3. SUBMIT FORM Complete this form Form and submit it.

  • Application deadline for submissions: 05 April 2021.
  • Our expert panel will pre-select a number of projects based on different criteria (such as «impact of solution / problem vs. solution», «sustainability of solution / continuity of solution», «potential for impact growth», «potential reach / building / developing a community»). Subsequently, wemakeit’s community will select 20 winners out of the pre-selection pool.
  • Mid-April we will communicate which projects made it and will be supported by the Impact Fund.
  • The selected projects will get an invitation to the Workshop Day on 27 April 2021 (either in Zurich or online) where they can collaboratively hone their projects together with different experts.
  • Project launch for the selected projects is between May and October 2021.
  • Projects, which do not make it into the selection, can naturally still launch a wemakeit campaign and will receive free wemakeit tutorials and a Promotion Package Small.

We at wemakeit will help you prepare your crowdfunding campaign and will remain at your side from A to Z with our expertise and our insights. All you need really is an impactful idea, lots of motivation and a real drive to do crowdfunding. As for the rest – we got your back ! Everyone is welcome to participate!

Start project

Conditions of Participation

  • The project contributes to fighting global warming.
  • The project must be submitted by 05 April 2021 to apply for entering the Impact Fund Channel and will be notified by the end of April of its acceptance/rejection.
  • The jury of experts decides on entry into the Impact Fund Channel. Members of the jury are:
    • Céline Fallet, manager wemakeit
    • Christoph Birkholz, entrepreneur
    • Nathalie Moral, Impact Investing, management partner foundation
    • Nicola Forster, co-president Grünliberale Canton of Zurich
    • Ottavio Scata, corporate partnerships manager at myclimate
    • Petrissa Eckle, executive director of sus.lab at ETH Zurich
  • wemakeit’s community has an additional vote.
  • The amount of the funding goal must be at least 25,000 Swiss francs. As soon as a project reaches this amount with a minimum of 200 backers, the Impact Fund will contribute to the project with another 25,000 Swiss francs.
  • The Impact Fund supports a limited number of projects. Once the overall budget is distributed, no more projects will be supported.
  • Participants accept wemakeit’s guidelines Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.
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