The new CHASS mountain cheese is produced according to his own recipe and maintained to the maturity. 2017 to set up: restore sanitary infrastructure, arched cellar, substitute means of transport.

CHF 1’140

4% of CHF 25’000

"4 %"
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 6/10/2016


Traditional Jura cheeses are made mostly with red Goo. I thought there were already enough such cheese and I thought, maybe a cheese with a completely different bark enriched the Jura cheese landscape. A cheese with its own character. And because the word game: Chasseral and Chasselas abbreviate to CHASS can be, I called him simply: CHASS.

The project

Soon many people at the new cheese variety CHASS can enjoy, the infrastructure must be renewed and expanded. This is a 30 m2 of large vaulted cellar, which no longer was handled after the construction period about 200 years ago, are restored. As well, the natural floor lined with flat stones of Jura. It needs some climate control, lighting and new wooden frames. The sanitary facilities must be expanded and set up a small laboratory, to comply with the hygiene standard.

Then a packaging – and packing table set up with scale and product Award. And the vehicle for the transportation, a fridge on wheels should be procured. So online CHASS cheese can be ordered, a shop will be established. Because technically gifted, power can be brought, and because when the equipment to be procured, also used cars in question, we expect a budget amounting to CHF 25’000. Help to carry out this work in the autumn and secure the enjoyment by CHASS, the new type of Swiss cheese in the future.

This is what I need backing for.

E un trasporto frigorifero su ruote dovrebbe essere acquisito. Questo formaggio CHASS può essere comandato, diretamente in linea si stabilirà un negozio online. Perché dotata tecnicamente,La potenza può essere portata,quando i mezzi saranno acquistati , ci sarà anche utilizzo degli automobili in questione, noi prevediamo un bilancio di 25’000 franchi. Aiutare ad effettuare questo lavoro in autunno e garantire il godimento da parte CHASS. Il nuovo tipo di formaggio Svizzero in futuro. Qui.

Beschreibung im Profil

Il nuovo formaggio di montagna è prodotto dal piede sud del CHASS Jura. È unico e differisce dagli altri formaggi del in zona. Per garantire la sua produzione così nel 2017 e, più tardi, abbiamo bisogno del vostro aiuto. La cantina di stagionatura di 200 anni deve essere urgentemente riabilitata ed introdotta l’igiene. Presentata oggi l’igiene e una vera macchina 4x4.