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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Monegros. But this may be of interest to you.

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Architecture and Tourism

Péniche Chopine

Transformation d’une péniche commerciale en bateau logement incluant une chambre d’hôtes
by Dominique Roussy, Beaucaire
128% funded
CHF 5’127 pledged
24 backers
Publishing, architecture, and Literature

Architecture-Guide Marseille

The aim is to create a portrait of Marseille in an architectural guide that discusses and explains urban development, architecture and the complexity of the city of Marseilles in around 200 pages.
by Carina Kurta CaP.CULT, Marseille
103% funded
EUR 7’225 pledged
52 backers
Architecture, Community, and Performing Arts

Théâtre du Loup en chantier!

Construction d’une paroi phonique démontable entre le foyer et la salle, nouveaux gradins pour le public, WC pour personnes à mobilité réduite, locaux techniques, escaliers de secours, on transforme !
by Théâtre du Loup, Geneva
104% funded
CHF 34’390 pledged
253 backers
Design, architecture, and Art

Geographic Geneva

I hope to share my 2-year passion project with you: my handmade ink & watercolor map of Geneva in the form of a poster, agenda, pocketbook, & postcard! And support IHEID's covid fund in the process!
by Jarrod Suda, Geneva
114% funded
CHF 3’425 pledged
48 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Architecture

Defining Criteria

A book of interviews and images by some of the most prominent young architects, photographers, artists and filmmakers gravitating around the world of architecture, edited by Quart Verlag.
by Marina Montresor, Stephan Lando, Geneva, Zürich, and Tokyo
151% funded
CHF 11’381 pledged
165 backers
Architecture, Community, and Tourism

Close your eyes and breathe

We searched for a long time for words that could quickly describe our project and frankly, apart from «GOOD, WARM and WET» we couldn't find. Participate to make our SPA a unique place in Valais!
by #beausejourchampery, Champéry
163% funded
CHF 106’369 pledged
250 backers
Architecture, Community, and Tourism

Maya-Joie, l'Auberge

Transformer le bâtiment d’école privée en auberge pour accueillir familles, individuels, groupes en été comme en hiver.Soutenez-nous et bénéficiez de nombreux avantages pour vos prochaines vacances.
by Nouveau souffle pour Maya-Joie: l'Auberge, Orsières
152% funded
CHF 22’902 pledged
84 backers
Architecture, Community, and Art

Association Workshop Studio

Nous développons un espace de travail et de socialisation extrascolaire à but non lucratif comparable à un co-working artistique et culturel.
126% funded
CHF 7’580 pledged
78 backers
Architecture, Community, and Art

Speakers' corner

L’implantation d’une structure éphémère comme lieu de prise de parole dans l’espace public de Marseille cherche à mettre en perspective les questions de justice sociale.
by collectif la clique, Marseille, Lausanne, and Zürich
101% funded
CHF 8’156 pledged
48 backers
Architecture, Community, and Kids / Youth

Coopérative du Bevano

We take care of the holiday house the Bevano and aim to share our values like sharing, friendship, creativity, life in a group. Our next project is to rebuilt the chimney.
by Coopérative du Bevano, Lausanne, Yverdon-les-Bains, and Morges
129% funded
CHF 3’878 pledged
40 backers
Architecture, Community, and Tourism


Launching vibrant CoWorking spaces in beautiful destinations around the world! Developing a new physical&digital experience with ecosystem partnerships to foster a pure balance between work&lifestyle!
by PuraWorka, Martigny, Praya, and Lausanne
105% funded
CHF 63’192 pledged
252 backers
Exhibition and Architecture

Exposition CO-OP

L’exposition «CO-OP : Hannes Meyer et le concept du design collectif» se tiendra du 20 septembre au 15 octobre. C’est la manifestation inaugurale de la Fondation pour la Culture du Bâti.
by Blooming Companies, Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 15’509 pledged
33 backers