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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Addis Ababa. But this may be of interest to you.

Science, Food, and Agriculture

Bethlehem of Galilee

Aquaponic is a space- and water-efficient circulation system combining fish and vegetable production. In Bethlehem we plan to build three small-scale systems for demonstration and research purpose.

CHF 3’660
122 %
34 backers

Science, architecture, and Community


L’Association Hôpital Galagala existe dans le but de soutenir la construction et la maintenance d’un hôpital au Nord du Cameroun. Aidez-nous à poser la dernière pierre de ce magnifique projet!

CHF 5’780
192 %
40 backers

Science, Kids / Youth, and Education


Teaching Genetics in Congo

by Patricia Teixidor and Hugues Abriel

Join us to help fund tuition fees for Dr. Gerrye Mubungu, a young paediatrician from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), so she may implement a new medical genetics study program in Kinshasa.

CHF 12’767
212 %
43 backers

Science, Kids / Youth, and Education


At The Heart of Congo Kids

by Patricia Teixidor and Hugues Abriel

A pediatric doctor from the University Clinics of Kinshasa (DR Congo) needs to purchase scientific equipment to do his research and get advice from Swiss cardiologists. Can you help us?

CHF 16’183
231 %
69 backers

Science, Community, and Environment


At Malio we collect and treat the waste of the city Toliara. We produce compost & briquettes while reducing plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Help us to reach financial sustainability.

CHF 33’570
111 %
75 backers

Science, tourism, and Education


Study Week Georgia 2018

by Study Week Abroad 2018

We are 9 tourism students in Switzerland. For a study project, we would like to explore the variety that Georgia has to offer. Every support for our trip is greatly appreciated!

CHF 3’061
153 %
29 backers

Science, Publishing, and Literature


Support to Ukrainian Editors

by Pierre Mounier, Caroline, and mmaryl

The war in Ukraine is impacting our colleagues in scholarly publishing - We set up the Supporting Ukrainian Editorial Staff program to provide editorial staff in Ukraine with the help they need

EUR 20’768
125 %
116 backers

Science, Environment, and Animals

Sicilì and Zürich

Wir tun mehr für das Meer!

by Thomas Murschetz

Als Wohltätigkeitsorganisation will Donating Hands für KYMA sea conversation & research ein Kurzportrait und Content für ihre Medienkanäle erstellen. So wird KYMA in Wachstum und Reichweite gefördert.

CHF 8’050
100 %
33 backers

Science, Publishing, and Architecture


Gelebte Utopie

by Andrea Jany

Gelebte Utopie – Die Terrassenhaussiedlung der Werkgruppe Graz. Unterstütze uns dabei erstmalig entsprechend der baukulturellen Bedeutung der Siedlung eine eigene Publikation zu realisieren.

EUR 4’040
101 %
49 backers

Science, art, and Literature


Große Kostbarkeiten

by Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Große Kostbarkeiten für die Zukunft sichern: 260 überdimensionale Bücher aus dem 18. und 19. Jh. brauchen deine Hilfe! Unterstütze uns dabei, sie zu restaurieren und in säurefreie Boxen umzulagern.

EUR 20’900
139 %
118 backers

Science and Publishing


In the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, criminals from about 1890 to 1918 were photographically immortalized. We make a book with fascinating original photos and scientific contributions.

EUR 9’009
101 %
75 backers

Science, Publishing, and Education


Traumata sind in unserer Gesellschaft noch immer ein Tabuthema, obwohl sie sehr weit verbreitet sind. Hilf mit, das Wissen über die Heilung von Traumata zu verbreiten und Stärken zu stärken.