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Community and Education


Das Projekt will die lokale Bevölkerung bezüglich häuslicher Gewalt sensibilisieren. Hierzu werden Bewohner:innen von einem Gewaltberater befähigt, selber Gewaltberatungen in der Community anzubieten.

CHF 4’477
111 %
50 backers

Architecture, Kids / Youth, and Education

San Pedro de Saño District

Ayuda para los niños Junin

by Embolo Foundation

Das Mädchenheim im Hochland von Peru benötigt dringend neue Sanitäranlagen. Die Embolo Foundation möchte mit Euch den Mädchen ein funktionierendes und schönes Zuhause ermöglichen.

CHF 10’040
100 %
24 backers

Fair Trade, Community, and Environment

Padre Abad

Empowering Indigenous Women.

by BluoVerda Deutschland e.V.

Do you know why the empowerment of indigenous women is so important? Indigenous women have their unique knowledge, which is very useful and effective for sustainable development initiatives.

EUR 8’930
119 %
49 backers

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment

Bern and Juanjuí

Cacao diversity is at risk today with an industry producing standardized chocolates. Help us to save rare cacao varieties and together we will create the most amazing Swiss chocolates out of them!

CHF 140’073
175 %
1063 backers


Iquitos, Pucallpa, and Cusco

Les Chants de la Forêt

by Rinaldo Marasco

Les Chants de la Forêt est un carnet de voyage réalisé par Rinaldo Marasco sur la médecine traditionnelle péruvienne, et plus spécifiquement l'Ayahuasca, la liane des morts.

CHF 31’058
124 %
185 backers

Kids / Youth and Education

Genève, Arequipa, and Saint-Julien-en-Genevois

Children in action

by Académie internationale droits de l'enfant AIDDE

To teach the rights of the child thanks to innovative tools and to accompany the solidarity actions of the children to improve the access to these rights and their living conditions.

CHF 11’651
116 %
40 backers

Community, Performing arts, and Festival

Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa

Emmas Glück goes Peru

by YarinaGurtner

Die am Anfang als Lesung geplante Theaterproduktion «Emmas Glück» reist um die Welt! Von Niederösterreich gings nach Wien, Salzburg, Oberösterreich, New York – und jetzt back to my roots – nach PERU!

EUR 2’502
100 %
45 backers

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education


Proyecto PAN

by Maurus and Marisa

Das PAN ist ein kleines peruanisches Hilfsprojekt, welches in 2 Dörfern am Rande von Arequipa Hausaufgabenhilfe, Musikunterricht und Workshops für die ansässigen Kinder und Jugendlichen organisiert.

CHF 11’001
110 %
78 backers

Kids / Youth, Sport, and Education

Lobitos District

Help us to help Lobitos!

by Ride for the Cause

The surfing courses have resumed despite the pandemic still very active in Peru. Your support is essential to ensure the continuity of these courses started in 2008!

CHF 3’400
170 %
55 backers

Community and Environment

Zürich and Tamshiyacu

Chakana Project

by Chakana Project

A natural healing centre of the Shipibo natives in the Amazon: Help us to sustainably renovate the facility and to preserve millennia old knowledge about nature for future generations!

CHF 16’196
107 %
115 backers

Music, Community, and Education

La Paz

Le Trio Eole souhaite intervenir au sein de la fondation «Bolivia Clasica» à La Paz en Bolivie afin d’y enseigner et d’apporter des instruments de musique ainsi que du matériel.

CHF 5’342
106 %
81 backers

Politics, Community, and Environment


The GUARDIANS of the Forest

by MetareProject, Laure Vancau, and Sara Botero Mesa

The project aims to support indigenous people in the Amazon region during the 2020 COVID-19 global crisis. That project aims to provide communities with basic necessities and medical supplies.