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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Ōsaka. But this may be of interest to you.
A Book about Desire

Exhibition, Publishing, and Environment

Zurich and New Delhi

A Book about Desire

by Raphael Perret

This publication documents «Recycling Yantra», an art project portraying the informal e-waste recycling network in Delhi and lets a diverse group of authors share their views on the situation.

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CHF 5’790
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Chernobyl’s children grew up

Exhibition, Photography, and Publishing

Geneva, Slavutych, and Chornobyl

Chernobyl disaster gave birth to Ukraine’s youngest city: Slavutych. Discover this city’s youth turning into adults. An adventure filled with love, vodka and optimism.

242 %
CHF 14’534
136 backers
Kunst als Widerstand

Exhibition, Community, and Art

Zürich, Diyarbakır, and Istanbul

«Broken Constellation», Kunst als eine Form des Widerstandes in der Erarbeitung eines kollektiven Gedächtnisses.  

111 %
CHF 4’454
22 backers
Greenland and secret beauty

Exhibition, Photography, and Film


The primary objective being an exhibition.

Being able to rent a boat to show the icebergs in detail. In order to raise awareness, those who will see the finalized project.

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CHF 25
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Lifting the Curtain

Exhibition, Publishing, and Architecture

Vienna, Warsaw, and Venice

Lifting the Curtain

by Lifting the Curtain

The impressive Central European Architecture of the past 100 years is a rather unknown topic. «Lifting the Curtain» wants to change that with an exhibition and a book.

102 %
EUR 3’072
40 backers
Inhabited Silences

Exhibition, Music, and Art


Inhabited Silences

by SimonC and PaulineJ

A sound and poetic installation where the visitors are invited to walk through, exploring sounds, texts and maps of imaginary landscapes. Showed at LiteratureXchange festival in Aarhus (DK).

19 %
EUR 895
14 backers
Flexopecten Glaber Ponticus

Exhibition and Environment

Sofia, Varna, and Burgas

With your support our colorful collection of more than a thousand seashells will leave the collecting crates and call the gallery its home.

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The Laundry – The movie

Exhibition, Film, and Art


The Laundry – The movie

by Debby Caplunik

In every crisis there have been those who waited until it was over, and those who were already one step ahead and had the courage to act to keep doing art and express ourselves through filmmaking.

124 %
EUR 12’473
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Road Trip Collage Katalog

Exhibition, Publishing, and Art


Katalog «Road Trip Collage» über Collagen die «on the road» in Europa und Amerika 2016 entstanden. Die Ausstellung ist auf der «CART» classic cars meet contemporary art, RAE FARM bei Berlin

5 %
EUR 144
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Scattered Lungs

Exhibition and Art


Scattered Lungs

by Werner J Nigg

Scattered Lungs is an Installation project revolving around the topic of «interpersonal relationships» in our time; documented in form of photography, video and dance.

101 %
EUR 1’015
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Exhibition, Music, and Art

Marrakesh and Berlin

If You Are So Smart, Why Ain't You Rich?

by Pauline Doutreluingne and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

An exhibition on the economics of knowledge, in the framework of the 5TH MARRAKECH BIENNALE 2014 «Where are we now?»

100 %
EUR 10’090
61 backers
Substitut – The Book

Exhibition, Publishing, and Art


In spring 2013 Substitut, space for contemporary art from Switzerland in Berlin, will have itʼs 6th anniversary. Together with onlab Substitut publishes a book.