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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to San Francisco. But this may be of interest to you.
Film and Community

Oneness and Beyond

A documentary film about the current change of human consciousness from separation and suffering towards oneness - about the journey of awakening, accompanied by beautiful images from nature.
by Fabienne Mathier Filmproduktion, Zürich and Sedona
104% funded
CHF 22’000 pledged
112 backers


Long-fiction film tracing the professional journey of Eliott, sent to Alaska for maintenance work on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. A journey which will slowly change into a initiatory trip.
by gabriel bonnefoy, Juneau and Delémont
111% funded
CHF 23’324 pledged
195 backers

Evil Vanquished

Faithfully produced and acted and well-distributed, Evil Vanquished could expose the world control system and the main source of our heavy oppression of recent times to the world public.
by Evil Vanquished Movie Project, Iowa City and Stuttgart
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Film, Music, and Art

Clip: Angels Over America

A guy is running from the devil, tired and without strength, the Holy Mary is revealed to him, but she doesn’t help him, someone else appears and shows him that he has himself and that’s all he needs.
by Ishmael, Mexico City
69% funded
CHF 1’035 pledged
9 backers

Passion Alaska – Le film

Le documentaire suit les traces du suisse Nicolas Reymond qui réalise son rêve au coeur de l’Alaska en y vivant seul, 6 mois sur 12 dans sa cabane en bois au sein d’une nature intacte et fragile.
by Nicolas, Lausanne, L'Abbaye, and Talkeetna
2% funded
CHF 520 pledged
6 backers
Film and Art

La Procesión de Las Sombras

La Procesión de Las Sombras is an artistic short movie shot in mini dv, Iphone 5, super 8 and 5d. A procession of six motorcycles in the middle of a mexican field.
by Virginie Morillo, Oaxaca
172% funded
CHF 5’160 pledged
41 backers
Film, Music, and Fair Trade

Do The Fair Trade!

We are El Tucan and have been practicing the fair trade philosopy for 25 years. With the song and video «Do The Fair Trade» we give our artesans a voice and a face.
by El Tucan Fair Trade, Arch and Guatemala City
17% funded
CHF 710 pledged
10 backers
Film and Music

Jazz The Only Way Of Life

Jacques Muyal devoted his entire life to one all-consuming passion: jazz.
by Piprod, New York and Nyon
34% funded
CHF 2’060 pledged
20 backers
Film and Music

Larytta’s new music video

LARYTTA, a dynamic pop-duo from Lausanne, is coming back with a new album, to be released this fall. Our purpose? Making a music video for the single «OSAMA OBAMA».
by Larytta, Lausanne and New York
112% funded
CHF 9’010 pledged
67 backers


Ein Filmessay über eine Geschichte, die vor sechzig Jahren ihren Anfang nahm, erzählt mit Bildern von heute. Und mit Musik von Nils Petter Molvaer.
by Insertfilm AG, Leukerbad and New York
101% funded
CHF 10’151 pledged
45 backers
Film and Music

9 valses pour la Guitare

Dans ce projet, intitulé «9 Valses», le guitariste vénézuélien Antonio Briceño cherche à créer une proposition audio-visuelle très intéressante, dans laquelle il parle sur la vie du le Maître Cisneros
by anibrimo, Venezuela
20% funded
EUR 100 pledged
3 backers
Film, Music, and Festival

Bar Harbor Music Festival

This is the Bar Harbor Music Festival documentary. It’s a music festival that takes place at multiple locations in Bar Harbor promoting the visibility of the artists and the island.
by David Rodríguez, Bar Harbor
18% funded
EUR 1’830 pledged
24 backers