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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Kasangulu. But this may be of interest to you.
Games, Publishing, and Literature

It's Your Adventure Gamebook

An exciting gamebook adventure series that does not require the use of dice. Print at home and play right away!
by Eyal A, Haifa
4% funded
EUR 20 pledged
2 backers
Publishing, architecture, and Literature

Architecture-Guide Marseille

The aim is to create a portrait of Marseille in an architectural guide that discusses and explains urban development, architecture and the complexity of the city of Marseilles in around 200 pages.
by Carina Kurta CaP.CULT, Marseille
103% funded
EUR 7’225 pledged
52 backers
Community, art, and Literature

Oase der Kunst in Ligurien

Unweit vom Meer, in den Bergen, einsam und mit unvergleichbarer Aussicht liegt ein altes Kloster von 1850, das wir zu einem Kraft- und Erholungsort für KünstlerInnen und Forscher umgestalten möchten.
by Verein ULA, Stöckel & Schuh and Ruth Schweikert, Sanremo
113% funded
CHF 20’986 pledged
64 backers
Publishing and Literature

Energie aus dem Nichts?

Es gibt zahlreiche Orte, an welchen physikalisch messbare Energie scheinbar aus dem Nichts auftaucht. Ist es eine Art «Freie Energie», von der die Menschen seit vielen Jahrzehnten träumen?
by Ancient Mail, Rennes-le-Château
11% funded
EUR 1’695 pledged
11 backers
Publishing and Literature

Our books in the world

We submit to you our project of translation and diffusion abroad of our books in German, French and English. Choose and read!
by WLM Edizioni, Stezzano
0% funded
EUR 7 pledged
1 backer
Publishing and Literature


Libro di poesie in italiano. Pubblicazione e presentazione. Cartografie é un libro di poesie che può definirsi esistenzialista e per momenti surrealista.
by adamaria, Chiasso
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers
Publishing and Literature

«PIRIN» english version

Translate in English the novels of «PIRIN» trilogy, whose fantasy universe is already appreciated by players all over the world thanks to the videogame «Eselmir and the five magical gifts»
by Sebastiano Brocchi, Collina d'Oro
1% funded
EUR 65 pledged
5 backers
Publishing, Comics, and Literature

Corvi+Topi, graphic novel

Corvi + Topi (Krähen + Mäuse) ist eine Graphic-Novel für Jugendliche und Erwachsene. Die Handlung spielt in der italienischen Schweiz in einer nicht allzu fernen Zukunft. Es ist ein Thriller mit Humor, der den sich verändernden sozialen Staat erzählt.
by Timothy Hofmann, Lugano
28% funded
CHF 5’650 pledged
20 backers
Community, Literature, and Education

Ombra, storia di un miracolo

Vorrei stampare la storia di Ombra con lo scopo di regalare positività e speranza, nonché fiducia su una parte della società che vive con il cuore. Il ricavato del libro é per beneficienza.
by chiara, Bellinzona
32% funded
CHF 320 pledged
13 backers
Publishing and Literature

Specimen Editorial Project

Specimen is an online multilingual literary review that through translation gives voice to the multifaceted contemporary world.
by Babel Festival, Bellinzona
102% funded
CHF 5’126 pledged
33 backers
Publishing, art, and Literature


Relevantes und weniger Wichtiges. Ein Buch und viele Gedanken zu Relevantem und weniger Wichtigem. Der Oberwalliser Tourismuspfarrer, Gastgeber, Blogger und Kolumnist bringt es auf den Punkt.
by PS_Mountain, Saas-Grund
119% funded
CHF 19’090 pledged
74 backers

zéro heure zéro

Publication de 15 chroniques de voyage interail effectué en 1991 en Norvège (120’000 caractères/20’000 mots/texte uniquement).
Parce que ça sert à rien d’être jeune si c’est pour rester chez soi!
by Christophe Clivaz, Evolène
3% funded
CHF 39 pledged
1 backer

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