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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Warsaw. But this may be of interest to you.
Photography, Publishing, and Art

Calendar Adelaïde

The adult calendar is both a conventional and a popular format for erotic photography. What we have done is to hijack that format and turn it into a statement of artistic commitment.
by Calendar Adelaïde, Berlin
107% funded
CHF 3’058 pledged
39 backers
Photography, Film, and Performing Arts

Somewhere, Maybe Here

Somewhere, Maybe Here is a silent film/performance piece in development: a call to connection from a stranger. Follow a fallen angel who arrives to the city and goes out to meet people on the street. 
by Cat Gerrard, Berlin
151% funded
EUR 6’180 pledged
23 backers

around the world

Ich möchte in einem überschaubaren finanziellen Rahmen die Welt so abwechslungsreich wie möglich bereisen!
by fabianperfler, Los Angeles, Berlin, and London
0% funded
EUR 100 pledged
1 backer
Photography and Publishing

Borderlands: A Unusual Realm

In this book, destinies and landscapes shaped by China's upheavals are portrayed intimately. Evocative photos reveal the sentiments of China’s periphery, where a new world order is burgeoning.
by Hsin-Mei Chuang, Zürich, Basel, and Berlin
52% funded
CHF 3’396 pledged
14 backers
Photography and Publishing

«Swiss Nudes» – Werner Bandi

Im Nachlass eines Berner Paradiesvogels finden sich rund 100 Aktfotos, aufgenommen von einem unbekannten Schweizer Fotografen. Nun sollen die Bilder erstmal in einem Fotoband veröffentlicht werden.
by Verein Bob le Flaneur, Berlin and Bern
110% funded
CHF 11’560 pledged
91 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Art

PAWPAW Magazine

PAWPAW ist a magazine about great pleasures. And great pleasures come to those who seek.
by PAWPAW Magazine, Vienna and Berlin
2% funded
EUR 130 pledged
5 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Art

Oh Pamela Magazine Issue #1

With your help we can publish the first issue of «Oh Pamela Magazine» and support young artists around the globe.... and you won’t walk away empty handed!
by Oh Pamela, Berlin
11% funded
EUR 599 pledged
10 backers
Photography and Journalism

Photo-Report in Aleppo, Syria

For our second investigation-Journey to Syria we need bullet proof vest and a video camera.
by Boris Niehaus (Just), Berlin and Aleppo
41% funded
EUR 2’275 pledged
26 backers
Photography and Literature

What’s the Point of Poetry?

47 Poets from 47 European countries are faced with the question «what’s the point of poetry?» and respond with 47 photos. The Berlin Poetry Festival presents them in an exhibition.
by poesiefestival berlin, Berlin
31% funded
EUR 7’104 pledged
34 backers
Photography, Food, and Publishing

Volksspeisung – Essen und Gesichter

No frantic quick recipes... No nouvelle cuisine... No egocentric, award winning chef... No perfectly equipped kitchen...
by Volker Eichenhofer, Berlin
39% funded
EUR 1’794 pledged
42 backers
Photography and Publishing

Budapest Nacht. Ein Fotobuch

Gàbor Fekete ist seit seiner Studienzeit faszieniert und inspiriert vom Werk des ungarisch-französischen Fotografen Brassaï. Er zeigt seine alte Heimatstadt Budapest nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit.
by Gàbor Fekete, Budapest
100% funded
CHF 10’012 pledged
38 backers
Exhibition and Photography

Bengali Faces

This is a unique and exciting collection of street portraits from Kolkata to Dhaka. They show a selection of Gerry Hubers dynamic portrait photography taken on his travels in East India and Bangladesh
by Gerry Huber, Groß-Enzersdorf
103% funded
EUR 6’718 pledged
45 backers