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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Dano. But this may be of interest to you.
Education is a human right

Kids / Youth, Sport, and Education


Education is a human right

by Denise Rotondo and Mardoche Sambou

Nominated Gabon's top basketball player in 2019, Sam needs support to pay the annual fee for his graduation in June 2024. You can help him and his family. Be part of his story—Contribute now!

101 %
CHF 12’205
18 backers
6'000km de solidarité

Kids / Youth, Sport, and Environment


6'000km de solidarité

by 6'000km de solidarité

Soutenez notre participation au 4L Trophy en février 2023. Grâce à ce raid humanitaire, nous voulons améliorer la scolarisation et la sensibilité écologique des enfants du désert marocain.

100 %
CHF 4’001
9 backers
Raid Humanitaire Maroc 2020

Community and Sport

Ifran, Erfoud, and Merzouga

Le Vw Golf Challenge est un raid solidaire non compétitif dans lequel le plus important est de vivre une expérience unique. Au programme, amusement, camaraderie, mais surtout action humanitaire!

3 %
CHF 100
1 backer
Suppe zur Bildung

Kids / Youth, Sport, and Education

Calheta de São Miguel and Calheta de São Miguel

Suppe zur Bildung

by Heinz Ackle Käthi Häfliger

Dank einer Mittagsverpflegung für nur 20 CHF pro Tag kommen 100 Kinder zur Schule. Das Projekt ADEC setzt sich dafür ein, dass Jugendliche durch Bildung und Sport bessere Zukunfts-Chancen haben.

112 %
CHF 5’620
33 backers
Segeln in die Karibik!

Sport and Tourism

Saint George's, Lanzarote, and Port of Spain

Mit unserer Bavaria 46 über den Atlantik in die Karibik segeln und zurück, dabei ist unser Hauptziel der Carnival in Trinidad. Das Schiff muss aufgerüstet werden und wir sind froh um Unterstützung.

0 %
CHF 110
2 backers
Soleil Explorer

Community, Sport, and Tourism

Vieux Fort, Morges, and Lanzarote

Soleil Explorer

by Mathilda Colelough and Benoît Marxer

Our goal is to get people to discover and respect nature through the learning of water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing on a Lagoon 57 catamaran. Relaxing is part of the game too!

110 %
CHF 22’120
119 backers
Raid humanitaire 4L Trophy



Raid humanitaire 4L Trophy

by christian bernasconi

Nous soutenons le Team Les Chauvephares pour leur participation au raid humanitaire 4L Trophy, qui a pour but d'amener des fournitures scolaires et habits de sport à des enfants du désert Marocain.

15 %
CHF 150
2 backers
Re-Bolting Tenerife

Community, Sport, and Tourism

Villa de Arico

Re-Bolting Tenerife

by Raphael Amrein

The project aims to replace the aging and rusty bolts on Tenerife with new ones. Your donation will help make the island's climbing walls safe again.

51 %
EUR 2’550
49 backers
Elektrobikes für Andalusien

Sport and Environment


Geführte Endurotouren im Andalusien-Urlaub in Zukunft auch mit Elektrobikes im Sinne der Umwelt. Aufgeladen mit Sonnenenergie und unabhängig vom Erdöl. Mit Eurer Hilfe werden wir Vorreiter.

2 %
EUR 150
2 backers
Les Roses du Léman

Community and Sport


Les Roses du Léman

by Les Roses du Léman

Les Roses du Léman: one team, 3 trekkers, a solidary trek to support the association Ruban Rose that fights breast cancer!

113 %
CHF 2’268
41 backers
Sailboat Refit

Photography and Sport


Sailboat Refit

by Ariane & Fred

We bought a boat. Set the sails. Lived the dream. A few weeks later, we were parked in a shipyard for unscheduled maintenance. Help us get back in the water!

129 %
CHF 6’235
43 backers
American Dream

Sport and Education


American Dream

by Andre Felippe Figueiredo

Help me fulfill my dream of studying and playing soccer at a University in the United States.