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Kids / Youth, Environment, and Education

Safe Space für Ekimeli

Um die Ekimeli Schule in Kasangulu (DR Kongo) vor heftigen Regenfällen sowie einer stark befahrenen Strasse zu schützen, möchten wir eine Schutzmauer bauen und benötigen eure Unterstützung.
by NGO Ekimeli, Kasangulu
127% funded
CHF 12’710 pledged
102 backers
Kids / Youth, Environment, and Education

Réhabilitation d'une école

Notre Objectif est d’améliorer les conditions d'éducation des enfants dans les milieux ruraux en réhabilitant les infrastructures des écoles et les dotés des équipements adéquats.
by Furaha ONG soutenu par l'association "Migrant Consulting", Kinshasa
1% funded
CHF 133 pledged
3 backers
Science, Technology, and Education

Congolese space rocket

Help us support Congolese engineer Jean-Patrice Keka to build the Troposphere 6 rocket, the first African rocket bound for space! This time, we're going to make it!
by Christian Denisart, Daniel Wyss, and Jean-Patrice Keka, Kinshasa and Lausanne
128% funded
CHF 25’778 pledged
144 backers
Science, Kids / Youth, and Education

Teaching Genetics in Congo

Join us to help fund tuition fees for Dr. Gerrye Mubungu, a young paediatrician from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), so she may implement a new medical genetics study program in Kinshasa.
by Patricia Teixidor and Hugues Abriel, Kinshasa
212% funded
CHF 12’767 pledged
43 backers
Startup, agriculture, and Fair Trade

Dynamiser le maraîchage

Le but de cet appel à financement est l’achat d’un véhicule frigorifique et la mise en place d’un système de distribution de légumes à Kinshasa (capitale de la République du Congo, RDC).
by Jaune Congo - COLIVER, Kinshasa
0% funded
CHF 10 pledged
1 backer
Science, Kids / Youth, and Education

At The Heart of Congo Kids

A pediatric doctor from the University Clinics of Kinshasa (DR Congo) needs to purchase scientific equipment to do his research and get advice from Swiss cardiologists. Can you help us?
by Patricia Teixidor and Hugues Abriel, Kinshasa
231% funded
CHF 16’183 pledged
69 backers

Pionier des Humanitären

Wer war eigentlich Albert Schweitzer? Unser Dokumentarfilm entstaubt den Mythos und zeigt das Werk eines überzeugten Humanisten. Wir reisen in sein legendäres Tropenspital, das 2013 hundert Jahre alt wird!
by VIDEOminutes GmbH, Lambarene
52% funded
CHF 5’800 pledged
5 backers
Agriculture and Environment


In origin village of my wife from Cameroon, we want to cultivate the banana plantation and supplement with cocoa plants to allow work and income to the grandmother and the villagers
by Markus, Avebe
0% funded
CHF 120 pledged
2 backers
Community and Environment

Streetlights climatefriendly

Most small and medium-sized towns in Cameroon experience complete darkness after sunset. We support the city of Mbalmayo in their city lighting project – climate-friendly, with solar energy.
by Christian Gyr, Mbalmayo
105% funded
CHF 21’155 pledged
54 backers
Fashion, Startup, and Fair Trade

BE-YALA Fashion

BE-YALA ist ein Modeunternehmen, das traditionelle Stoffe und Handwerkskunst aus Afrika verbindet mit top aktuellem Street-Chique und Prêt-à-Porter Couture aus den internationalen Metropolen.
by Marguérite Obono Beyala, Yaounde and Zürich
16% funded
CHF 4’185 pledged
10 backers
Food, agriculture, and Fair Trade

NOANOA chocolat, Tree to Bar

«Tree to Bar» hand-made chocolate supporting local organic cocoa farmers. Swiss made chocolate without intermediary from the cocoa farm and with strong quality and sustainable and ethic values.
by NOANOA chocolat - "Tree to Bar", Lausanne, Geneva, and Yaounde
8% funded
CHF 4’515 pledged
29 backers
Film and Music

Music-Video-Projekt in Kamerun

Bitte unterstützt Thomas Schauffert und Paco Mbassi dabei, dass Thomas zusammen mit Paco in sein Heimatland reisen kann und dort für Euch zwei wundervolle Music-Videos produzieren kann.
by Thomas Schauffert, Yaounde
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers

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