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Sport and Education

American Dream

Help me fulfill my dream of studying and playing soccer at a University in the United States.
by Andre Felippe Figueiredo, Lisbon
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Ein Album für Fred Martins

Hector Castillo – Produzent von David Bowie, Philip Glass u.a. bietet Fred die Produktion eines Albums an und damit die Möglichkeit zum musikalischen Durchbruch. Hilf mit, diesen Traum zu realisieren!
by Alice Martin, Lisbon
23% funded
CHF 1’975 pledged
14 backers
Kids / Youth and Sport

Stage de foot Étoile Carouge

Les Juniors de l’Étoile de Carouge FC, s’organisent afin de pouvoir bénéficier de l’expertise et l’entrainement dans l’académie du club international SL Benfica. Démontrons la qualité du foot Suisse.
by De Jesus, Geneva, Lisbon, and Carouge
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Music and Kids / Youth

JSO Crescendo: Konzertreise

Alle 2 Jahre wird vom JSO Crescendo eine Konzertreise organisiert. Dieses Jahr führt uns der Weg nach Portugal ans Lisbon Music Festival, wo wir mehrere Konzerte geben werden.
by Omar Barone, Lisbon
108% funded
CHF 4’340 pledged
31 backers

The disobedient consul

1940. Escape. Exile. Austria. France. Portugal. Law versus morality. A film. We look for stories behind history. There’s not much missing.
by Uli Jürgens, Vienna and Lisbon
101% funded
EUR 8’092 pledged
61 backers

Das Projekthostel

Ein Trip in die Wildnis oder in den urbanen Brennpunkt? Mit fester Unterkunft oder auf Achse? Egal. Das mobile Hostel bietet all das. Und ist für den Sommer 2014 ab sofort und NUR HIER buchbar!
by RESOLUTE, Lisbon and Basel
3% funded
CHF 400 pledged
2 backers
Photography and Art

Endless Project – Portugal

The «Endless Project» is a cartography of independent art spaces in Europe. The fourth part of this project will be held in Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Porto.
by Marc de Maisonneuve, Lisbon and Porto
1% funded
EUR 150 pledged
3 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Wasser für Estrafego

Wir wollen mit unserem Engagement der Natur etwas zurückgeben. Dazu brauchen wir Wasser! Für den täglichen Unterhalt und den weiteren Ausbau des Permakultur-Gartens und des Renaturierungsprojekts.
by Estrafego, Odemira
123% funded
EUR 7’421 pledged
39 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Regenerative Nursery Mértola

Our organic nursery ensures access to climate adapted seeds and seedlings for the regeneration projects in Mértola. We envision resilience and diversity for a region highly affected by desertification
by Marta Cortegano, Terra Sintrópica, and Katharina Serafimova, Mértola
112% funded
CHF 56’213 pledged
174 backers
Science, agriculture, and Environment

Climate protection practice

We give the water back to the soil, thus making vegetation and soil development possible. Support us in establishing agroforestry systems and help to have a positive influence on the climate.
by water4earth, Mértola
143% funded
CHF 7’865 pledged
57 backers
Food and Community

Veggie Momi

My project is to find help so people that support bullfighting do not close my 30 square metter vegan restaurant just because i keep fighting for the Animal Cause.
by Veggie Momi, Albufeira
3% funded
EUR 155 pledged
4 backers
Community and Sport

Les Roses du Léman

Les Roses du Léman: one team, 3 trekkers, a solidary trek to support the association Ruban Rose that fights breast cancer!
by Les Roses du Léman, Faro
113% funded
CHF 2’268 pledged
41 backers