BOOBtiful Designs

Startup, Design, and Art
BOOBtiful Designs are 3-dimensional sculptures inspired by the female breast. BOOBtiful animates us to accept our bodies as they are, natural and beautiful. Simply BOOBtiful.
by Maya Schnorf, Lucerne
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Salut Kidswear

Fashion, Design, and Kids / Youth
At Salut Kidswear we want to encourage and be inspired by kids’ creativity to carefully design our clothing with sustainable fabrics to preserve nature for future generations.
by Anne Lutz, Zürich and Amden
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BobSpring & TheCallingSirens

Die Songs von Bob Spring mit der Instrumentalisierung der Calling Sirens. Ein grosses Album! 11 Songs zwischen Americana, Dark Country, Blues und Folk. Veröffentlichung: 2015
by Bob Spring, Zurich and Zug
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