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Vienna, Weissensee, and Zürich

«Weissensee» by Bryan Benner

by Bryan Davis Benner

Recorded in the woods above a lake and town of the same name, «Weissensee» is the second self-recorded solo album of American turned Austrian singer songwriter Bryan Benner.

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Music, art, and Literature

Vienna, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, and Würzburg

Neapolitan Songs Vol.2

by Bryan Davis Benner and Václav Fuksa

International Troubadours Bryan Benner (USA) and Václav Fuksa (CZ) are back with their second album of virtuosic Neapolitan songs for two guitars and voice, dedicated to the great Cigliano/Gangi duo!

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Music and Art

Vienna, Zürich, and London

Neapolitan Song Project

by Bryan Davis Benner and Václav Fuksa

International troubadours Bryan Benner (USA) and Václav Fuksa (Czech Rep.) present a new album of timeless Neapolitan songs based on the elegant classical guitar arrangements of Cigliano and Gangi.

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Music, Performing arts, and Literature

Vienna, Zürich, and New York

Bryan Benner: Stay Hydrated

by Bryan Davis Benner

«Stay Hydrated» is traditional Floridan dialect for «I love you» and is also the name of Bryan Benner's next studio album. 13 Austro-American troubadour songs with full band, brass and strings.

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Vienna, Zürich, and Stuttgart

A Song of Your Own

by Bryan Davis Benner

Modern Troubadour Bryan Benner offers a unique chance to commission a song about a subject of your choice. All proceeds will go into the Bryan Benner's Cancelled Concerts Fund.

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Vienna, London, and New York

Bryan Benner: The Modern Man

by Bryan Davis Benner

Frontman and founder of The Erlkings, Die Wandervögel and The Pool Boys, Bryan Benner presents his first solo album of original songs.

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Vienna and Zürich

Giniginamar: The Album

by Bryan Davis Benner and Christoph Zimper

Your chance to pre-order the long awaited recording of Bryan Benner and Christoph Zimper's legendary collaboration on the island of Fuerteventura.

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Wandervögel – Trüffelräuber

by Raphael Widmann and Bryan Davis Benner

This is your chance to pre-order «Trüffelräuber», the newest album by Die Wandervögel. If you enjoyed our EP «Schenket Ein», soon you’ll have a full length album of our new take on the folk songs of A

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BB and The Pool Boys «Debut»

by Bryan Davis Benner

A chance to preorder the long awaited debut album of Bryan Benner and the Pool Boys! The songs of an American troubadour meet two outstanding Austrian musicians. Voice/guitar, cornet, and double bass.

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