Learning From The Earth

Publishing, Environment, and Education


Learning From The Earth

by ILEA (Institute for Land and Environmental Art), lenawitschi, and Johannes M. Hedinger

What can we learn from the earth? A Publication on the co-existence of humankind and the planet, based on the current art, education and research activities of ILEA in Safiental, Switzerland.

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Point de Suisse (Book)

Publishing, Politics, and Art

Zurich and Lausanne

Point de Suisse (Book)

by Com&Com (Gossolt/Hedinger)

Point de Suisse ist eine künstlerisch inszenierte Volksbefragung von Com&Com (Gossolt/Hedinger) in Kollaboration mit Milo Rau und Rolf Bossart vom IIPM.

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Bloch – a round-the-world trip of an tree trunk from Appenzell


Appenzell and Berlin

BLOCH is a art project of Com&Com, which combines contemporary Art with folk culture. Become a member of the Internationalen Bloch Association!

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