Geneva and Berlin

CD RAW LOVE Pressing & Promo

by George Leitenberger

We recorded our CD «RAW LOVE» in Berlin – and it now needs to be pressed and promoted to reach your ears! A unique sounding raw-cut-album in English & German soaked with Moonshine, Poetry & Vibe!

EUR 6’142
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Fashion and Fair Trade

Geneva and Lausanne

Nous sommes une boutique associative et indépendante spécialisée dans la mode équitable. Et nous souhaitons rénover notre petite boutique pour mieux vous accueillir et vous proposer plus de produits!

CHF 15’690
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Berlin, London, and Geneva

CD AUTOVÍA: Pressing & Promo

by George Leitenberger

Fed up with my label, I decided to produce, press and promote my own CD: AUTOVÍA is a trilingual, acoustic Road-Movie, with 9 great musicians – «incredibly good!» according to Kai Engelke of FOLKER.

EUR 8’537
113 %
67 backers