FOODOO – Rettet das Gemüse

Food, Community, and Environment
Wir kaufen den Schweizer Bauern aussortiertes Gemüse ab, das sich im Grosshandel nicht rentabel vermarkten lässt und verarbeiten es zu leckeren und natürlichen Produkten weiter.
by Fabia, Mirko, and Juere, Bern
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Chez Mamie Zürich HB

Food, Fair Trade, and Environment
We are around the corner to make your life easier: find all you need for your daily life in our shop, it is all organic and package free! The planet and your health will thank you ;-)
by Chez Mamie Zürich HB, Zürich
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Urban Permaculture

Agriculture, Community, and Environment
Help us grow our community gardens. Launched in early 2021, this project builds neighborhood connections and brings food production to a very local level.
by ReGeneration Permaculture and popup-dietlimoos, Adliswil
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