«Tiger Thrills»

Performing Arts
«Tiger Thrills» ist die neue Sommershow von Pasta del Amore! Mit Kleinbus und Festbänken sind wir unterwegs und werden auf Dorfplätzen unsere Bühne aufklappen und eine Stunde Show bieten.
by Vogelfaenger GmbH and O No Bruno, Aarau
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Photography, Publishing, and Journalism
A multimedia-based report tracing the escape route of Javed, a young afghan man, back to his mother Ozra whom he hasn’t seen in eleven years.
by Simon Krieger, Bern and Basel
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CHF 7’530 pledged
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Sound – Design of the future

Publishing and Design
A visionary book about sound as design dimension of the future.As a highly imaginative and effective design, which does not need the materiality anymore.
by Peter Philippe Weiss, Basel
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Photography and Publishing
The book Kodak City is a chilling testimony to what happened in the industrial city of Rochester, NY following the rise of digital photography and the abrupt decline of film.
by Catherine Leutenegger, Lausanne
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Doorum Basel

Photography and Publishing
99 Orte und Menschen in Basel.
by Georgios Kefalas and Ana Castaño Almendral, Basel
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Das NaRr Koch Les Buch

Food, Publishing, and Literature
Lesen und Kochen vereint: Das NaRr Koch Les Buch bietet tolle Texte junger AutorInnen aus der Schweiz und feine saisonale Rezepte. Aber nicht einfach nebeneinander, sondern miteinander!
by Das NaRr, Basel and Olten
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