Fashion and Design


Our new collection will be playful, colorful and this time even more diverse. The more supporters, the more designs will be produced. And you can decide which ones.

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Fashion, Community, and Environment


Social Fabric «We Aspire»

by Social Fabric, Helka Mäki, and Denise Schlumpf

Join us to fund a paid internship for Cisse, a refugee from Côte d’Ivoire who is passionate about tailoring. Get a high quality reward, tailored in Zürich, and be part of building an inclusive society

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Fashion and Community


Social Fabric

by Social Fabric

A sustainable textile hub in Zurich – we support community, creativity, and innovation in the areas of textiles, fashion, and design.

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Publishing, Design, and Architecture

New York and Zurich

Book «Designing TWA»

by Kornel Ringli

The TWA Terminal is one of the best-known buildings of our time. The lack of a book on the icon of the 1960s is all the more surprising. «Designing TWA» shall fill this gap.

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