Kids / Youth, Technology, and Education
GirlsCodeToo aims to foster and nurture the curiosity, skills, and creativity of girls. We teach tech skills that help them make career and educational decisions for their future! Wanna get involved?
by GirlsCodeToo, Zürich, Lugano, and Lausanne
27% funded
CHF 5’543 pledged
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Swingtime - local associatif

Community and Dance
For more than 5 years, the association Swingtime Lausanne has been organizing classes, workshops and swing dance parties. In 2020 we’re taking the plunge and investing our own associative premises!
by Swingtime Lausanne, Lausanne
133% funded
CHF 24’015 pledged
169 backers

Climate science for everyone

Science, Environment, and Education
Each year 15,000 new climate research articles are published. This research is vital in creating solutions for climate challenges, but is inaccessible to most people. Climanosco is set to change this.
by Climanosco and Michel Bourqui, Zürich
218% funded
CHF 21’871 pledged
25 backers


Exhibition, art, and Tourism
Die eingestrickten Bäume und Gegenstände rund um unseren Laden gehören allmählich zum Stadtbild von Chur. Die Finanzierung des Projektes können wir nicht mehr alleine tragen.
by donnadacqua, Chur
100% funded
CHF 50’277 pledged
83 backers


Performing Arts
To use circus arts in order to raise awareness about human rights to the young and old. This is the aim and ambition of the project from Cirqu’en Choc.
by Estelle Borel, Sion
101% funded
CHF 20’210 pledged
94 backers

Epicerie La Brouette

Food, Community, and Environment
La Brouette ouvrira en septembre à Lausanne! Ce projet coopératif propose des produits locaux, bios, vendus en vrac. Les acteurs principaux ne sont autres que les producteurs et les clients!
by Epicerie La Brouette, Lausanne
155% funded
CHF 62’102 pledged
656 backers

Theater Palace Biel/Bienne

Architecture, Community, and Performing Arts
Damit das Palace weiter betrieben werden kann und damit auf seiner Bühne Theater, Tanz, Oper und Musik aufgeführt werden können, muss es dringend renoviert werden!
by Nebia - Bienne spectaculaire, Biel/Bienne
104% funded
CHF 57’871 pledged
273 backers