HUMUS sapiens retreat 2019

Science, agriculture, and Education
Open Soil: We conduct research on the secret ingredients that make plants happy. Let’s explore what is going on in the ground beneath our feet. Your chance to join and support the project!
by Julian Chollet (mikroBIOMIK), dusjagr, and Josephine Blersch, Munich
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EUR 9’160 pledged
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Artistes en mer polaire

Art and Environment
Cet été, nous embarquerons à bord d'un voilier de 15 mètres équipé pour les expéditions arctiques, pour une résidence artistique de 3 semaines le long de la côte Est du Groenland.
by 4 artistes, Kulusuk
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CHF 16’172 pledged
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NOUT – vinyl shop

Music and Art
NOUT is an association that was recently created with the goal of opening and running a vinyl shop dedicated to electronic music culture, in the Pâquis area in Geneva.
by NOUT, Geneva
11% funded
CHF 2’365 pledged
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