Fashion, Startup, and Environment
The idea of UND+CO. is to build clothing and accessories that are good for the people and the planet whilst building consumer awareness. Be part of it!
by UND+CO., Bern and Zürich
150% funded
CHF 13’555 pledged
157 backers

Mir langets!

Politics and Journalism
Lasst uns gemeinsam ein Zeichen setzen und mit dem Kauf der Frontseite der Zeitung «20 Minuten» auf die absurden Züge des aktuellen Wahlkampfs aufmerksam machen.
by Donat Kaufmann, Baden
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CHF 147’271 pledged
12244 backers

Menuisier Surfboards

Design and Community
Project continuation of an ongoing collaboration with Senegalese carpenters. Construction plans for affordable wooden surfboards for local surfers as well as for those who want to become alike.
by Menuisier Surfboards, Dakar, Berlin, and Zurich
107% funded
CHF 6’443 pledged
43 backers

STEPS – The Ride Greener Film

Film and Sport
Das Ride Greener Dokumentarfilmprojekt: der erste klimafreundliche Snowboard- und Skifilm der anderen Art. Are you ready to get inspired?
by Ride Greener, Berne
108% funded
CHF 8’687 pledged
75 backers