Secret Charms – new CD

Ensemble Ad Fontes is recording a second CD, discovering the secret charms of baroque virtuoso violin music. We would love to share them with you!
by Ensemble Ad Fontes, Basel
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The Windrose

Music and Literature
Hirundo Maris macht im moment ihren vierten album mit dem Titel The Windrose. Die Musik führt Sie in vielen Richtung, spirituell und poetisch mit einem starken keltischen Gefühl.
by Hirundo Maris, Basel
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Goodbye Pumpwerk!

Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport
Goodbye Pumpwerk! It’s time for us to build a new roof over our heads! We want to ensure that our members and participants are able to enjoy their hobbies like skateboarding, BMX or scooters…in future at the portside of Basel.
by Verein Trendsport, Basel
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Takes Two To Tango

We are going to travel through the US to have an exchange with American musicians. Our experiences will be captuered in a film and a music album. Help us with the realization and be part of it.
by Anna Rossinelli, Basel, New York, and Los Angeles
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DVD Chants du Sud et du Nord

Film and Music
Hirundo Maris werden vom Projekt «Chants du Sud et du Nord» in der Kirche in Amsoldingen, die mehr als tausend Jahre alt ist, eine Filmaufnahme machen.
by Hirundo Maris, Thun
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We are a prog band called «Loaf of Stone». After 5 years of existence and whole bunch of new pieces, we finally want to fulfill our dream and record our first double-album.
by Loaf of Stone, Basel
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