Application EyesUp

Community and Technology
EyesUp donne un moyen d’action aux cibles et témoins du harcèlement sexuel. En le signalant et l'analysant, elle permet aux cibles de garder la tête haute tout en faisant ouvrir les yeux à la société.
by EyesUp, Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg
106% funded
CHF 42’679 pledged
532 backers

Investigating murky waters

Publishing, Journalism, and Environment
Laying the facts bare can change the world. Support two unprecedented and essential investigations to shine a spotlight on the dubious practices used by Swiss companies in poor countries.
by Public Eye, Lausanne and Zürich
207% funded
CHF 31’131 pledged
325 backers

Social Fabric «Better Way»

Fashion, Fair Trade, and Community
We employ refugees in Switzerland, and we work together with three social enterprises internationally. Help us to build communities through textiles by supporting our campaign.
by Social Fabric, Zürich
110% funded
CHF 22’150 pledged
165 backers

L'Armée sui. c. les Martiens

Après les Valaisans dans l’espace, le nouveau film de Hatman. Une comédie avec l’armée suisse, des Martiens et sept milliards de morts.
by Hatman, Sion, Geneva, and Lausanne
109% funded
CHF 32’748 pledged
228 backers

I hear the stoat,...

Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Environment
Thanks to the WWF project «Connexions naturelles», let’s create biological corridors together and give animals a chance to move between natural areas!
by WWF Swiss, Suisse
29% funded
CHF 2’390 pledged
43 backers