Mycelium – the game

Games and Community


Mycelium – the game

by Marina Ruta and Rebel & Shine

Be inspired by nature, build your partnership as a thriving forest. Mycelium is a deck of 18 cards and a board game to help facilitate partnerships and to create safe spaces for collaboration.

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Healing Prajjwal, together!


Basel, Lausanne, and Kathmandu

Healing Prajjwal, together!

by Johann Recordon and Reema (Sujeeta) Recordon

Our little brother Prajjwal has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer untreatable in Nepal. Help us get him first-rate treatment in Switzerland!

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Sauvons Le Rameau d'Or !

Literature and Community


Sauvons Le Rameau d'Or !

by Librairie Le Rameau d'Or

Ouverte depuis 1978, la librairie indépendante Le Rameau d’Or, ce lieu où la magie opère dès que l’on franchit sa porte risque aujourd’hui de fermer. Voici comment vous pouvez nous aider à le sauver.

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Transparency of libraries

Community and Politics

Geneva and Dübendorf

Transparency of libraries

by Christian Gutknecht

Help me to finance an appeal against the University of Geneva. The university should make their subscription fees to Elsevier, Springer and Wiley transparent .

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Project Integration

Education, Community, and Technology


Project Integration

by Priya et Vincent

Our organisation offers free computer programming courses for refugees to facilitate their integration into the job market. We would like to improve our courses and increase our number of students.

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