ReSeq: Reuse DNA Sequencers

Science, Community, and Education


ReSeq: Reuse DNA Sequencers

by kaspar, jmarkham, and bengtsjolen

We want to reuse older DNA sequencers and turn them into advanced instruments for more general scientific research. Help us develop software so everyone can repurpose and avoid wasting these machines.

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CHF 10’048
27 backers
Projet Spectro-Pointer

Science, Technology, and Education


Projet Spectro-Pointer

by Spectro -Pointer Project

Notre projet étudie les OVNI d’un point de vue scientifique, en temps réel, grâce au captage de la signature spectrale du phénomène lumineux observé. Cette signature est analysée dans notre DB.

212 %
CHF 19’105
17 backers
Plages Propres Projects

Science, Community, and Environment

La Tour-de-Peilz, Geneva, and Lausanne

The Plages Propres Projects are a series of projects that removes, identifies and quantifies the visible pollutants along the shores of Lake Geneva.

1 %
CHF 300
2 backers

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