Photography, Music, and Literature

Prague, Martonvásár, and Budapest


by Helga

«Apassionata» is the story of Beethoven's secret love affair, that had to be suppressed throughout centuries – still, it has been resonating up until our days, as it was born out of a unique force.

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Klassik Nuevo 2021

Music and Festival


Klassik Nuevo ist eine Bewegung, ein Musikstil und eine Vereinigung von Musikern von Weltformat. Sira Eigenmann und Srdjan Vukasinovic aus Winterthur stehen hinter der dynamischen Kulturinitiative.

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Nannerl Mozart

Music, Fashion, and Art

Basel and Saint Gilgen

A portrait of Nannerl, the only sister of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart in music and visuals. Second production of the Hungarian musician Helga Váradi in cooperation with the Nannerl-Museum in St. Gilgen.

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