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Syrian Metal needs your help

Film and Music


Syrian Metal needs your help

by Marie Alice Riley

Monzer is behind the documentary «Syrian Metal is War», and he’s currently residing in the Netherlands. Let’s help him to finish his movie and buy instruments for him and his band!

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The Department of Misfortunes

Film and Music


The Department of Misfortunes

by Benoît Gisler (The aerocharribang)

The Department of Misfortunes is an interactive show based on this concept: A stop-motion animation is projected and the public can vote and thus choose how the story will unfold. Eight musicians play the score live.

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Community, Dance, and Music

Moutier, Yverdon-les-Bains, and Neuchâtel


by Lee Loo

L’association Bellyloop a été crée pour partager des moments de détente et de sourires avec des personnes en situation de handicap. Elle souhaite faire découvrir la danse POUR TOUS par un spectacle.

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