Coffee shop at Gundeli

Food, Startup, and Fair Trade
Together with you we want to change the world – one cup of coffee at a time. After successfully launching our online shop we're embarking on the next adventure: Opening a coffee shop in Basel!
by Direct Coffee, Basel and Agaro
105% funded
CHF 10’742 pledged
84 backers

Living with Pain – A Book

Publishing, Community, and Literature
I have lived with strong pain most of my life. On this journey I've learnt how to not go crazy as I endure severe pain. In this book I share insights and experience.
by markjmoser, Bern
176% funded
CHF 2’655 pledged
47 backers

Useless Recordings

Die zweite Platte der Winterthurer Grunge/Alternative Band.
by Useless, Winterthur
105% funded
CHF 3’165 pledged
48 backers

Glaston’s Debut Album

Dreamy and experimental sounds combine to make music like no other – join us in making glaston’s debut album a reality.
by glastonmusic, Zürich
124% funded
CHF 9’930 pledged
104 backers


Community, Technology, and Education
With your support we are going to launch a coding academy for refugees in Bern. If possible we will open the school mid January and in April our first 10 to 20 students will start their internships.
by Christian Hirsig, Bern
117% funded
CHF 23’475 pledged
163 backers

Treppe zum AtelierTurm

Um den Turm in der ehemaligen Feuerwehrkaserne als Atelier zu nutzen, braucht es einen Zugang von aussen – 22 Stufen, um 4.3m zu überwinden und einen Zugang zur quartiernahen Kunststätte zu schaffen.
by Zeinab Serage, Bern
109% funded
CHF 16’365 pledged
86 backers

Das Worship-Projekt

Schlägt dein Herz für schweizerdeutsche Anbetung? Eine CD im Style von United pursuit oder housefires, mit berndeutschen Songs, aufgenommen zusammen mit Freunden - das ist mein Projekt. Bist du dabei?
by tabea collina, Bern
30% funded
CHF 5’570 pledged
44 backers