Geneva, Basel, and Zürich


by Vulgar Films

A feature film with characteristics of a «poetic documentary» about the escapism of the everyday. Join us behind the scenes in our efforts to contribute to the identity of Swiss cinema.

CHF 45’080
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Exhibition and Photography



by kleinsinn ZÜRICH

STADTBÜHNEN ist der Startschuss unseres frisch geborenen Designateliers, unser erstes Projekt, welches auch in eure Hände gelangen soll! In einem Buch. In einer Ausstellung. Und in den Strassen.

CHF 14’450
103 %
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Science, Photography, and Environment

Punta Arenas and Zürich

Behold The Ocean

by Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah

Adventure climate research in Patagonia: a photography and film project about a scientific expedition on The Strait of Magellan and the effects of climate change.

CHF 24’244
134 %
119 backers

Exhibition, Photography, and Community


Rette die Photobastei 3.0

by Romano Zerbini

Hilf mit Deinem Ticket oder einer Spende mit, dass wir im Herbst wieder Ausstellungen zeigen und Events durchführen können!

CHF 47’389
118 %
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Exhibition, art, and Environment


Installation: Whitening Out

by claudiaschildknecht

Act 1: Tropical coral reefs | Art installation with 200 corals cast out of porcelain at the water bottom of the Lion Monument in Lucerne, which shine at night thanks to a fluoriscent glaze.

CHF 29’690
102 %
230 backers

Exhibition, Photography, and Art


Exhibition Venice

by claudiaschildknecht

The GAA-Foundation invited me for their exhibition «Personal Structure» at the Palazza Bembo during the Biennale of Arts 2019 from 11th of May to the 29th of November in Venice.

EUR 4’747
12 %
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