Together Now



Together Now

by Verein Grundeinkommen, Team wemakeit, and Dezentrum

Zusammen mit dir unterstützen wir diejenigen, die die Coronakrise am Ärgsten trifft. Wir schaffen ein Überbrückungseinkommen, das Menschen ohne Festanstellung durch die Krise hilft. Mach's möglich!

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Defining Criteria

Photography, Publishing, and Architecture

Geneva, Zürich, and Tokyo

A book of interviews and images by some of the most prominent young architects, photographers, artists and filmmakers gravitating around the world of architecture, edited by Quart Verlag.

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Publishing, Community, and Education

Glarus and Zürich


by voCHabular

VoCHabular is an non-profit organization producing language materials that people - especially refugees - can use to teach themselves German and Swiss German.

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Double Phaces – Debut CD



Established in Vienna the Sargas Duo combines two different instruments, which have had two different developments in different historical contexts and eras: the organ and the saxophone.

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Colour Of Rice – New Album


Rahon and Sonvilier

Colour Of Rice is a guitar walking hand in hand with emotions, stories and a voice. After two records and over a 100 shows, a NEW ALBUM is on its way! Together, we can make this dream reality!

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