JOSH – White Creatures


Zürich, Giske, and Toronto

Early this year we recorded twelve new songs on a lonely island in Norway that we want to release in spring 2018! Help us fund this production and get the new album early, or a chili oil, or... !!!

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Can I learn to think?

Publishing, Design, and Art


Can I learn to think?

by Zvi Szir, Philipp Tok, and Fabian Roschka

It Is abook about a possible deeper grasping of thinking as an activity. It is about the ability to develop our capacity to think, and expend our comprehension of thinking. It is More then a text...

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Kisten für Ouagadougou 3/CHF

Food and Fair Trade


Stabile Kisten schützen die Mangos und die Frauen können die Früchte leichter tragen. Darum brauchen die Produzenten in Burkina Faso noch mehr Kisten – tausche jetzt eine Kiste gegen feine Bio-Mangos!

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Permakultur der Film

Film and Environment

Saint Gallen, Lucerne, and Zurich

Ist Permakultur die Lösung angesichts der Klimaveränderung und der Ressourcenknappheit? Wie funktioniert sie, und was sind die Schwierigkeiten? Wir begleiten Permakultur-Pioniere auf ihrem Weg.

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Project Zero Circle Opening

Performing arts and Art


Project Zero Circle Opening

by Project Zero Circle

We are offering 2 Performance Events for the «RAUMerOEFFNUNG» of our studio and initiatives in Basel: –ANKOMMEN Kaleidoscope, Project Zero Circle and Friends; –BEGINNINGS Music- Poetry- Movement.

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Delorian Cloud Fire – Tally-Ho!



Delorian Cloud Fire – Tally-Ho!

by Delorian Cloud Fire

Delorian Cloud Fire ist eine Band aus Basel, welche wie ein gespannter Flitzebogen darauf wartet, abgeschossen zu werden! Now – all we need is YOU!

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CHF 9’616
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The bianca Story – Are you a digger?

Music and Art

Basel and Berlin

We break a tunnel into the hardened rock of the music industry! Be a digger! With your help, we dig ourselves into a land where the music is free! #AreYouDigger

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EUR 91’662
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