Vinyl pressing workshop

Music, Community, and Technology
Doca Vinyl aims to create a vinyl record pressing workshop in Switzerland to promote the diversity of local music. By supporting us, you are supporting the Swiss music scene!
by Doca Vinyl, Carouge
105% funded
CHF 31’530 pledged
127 backers

Fonds d’urgence de l’AGTSMS

Community and Kids / Youth
L’Association Genevoise des Travailleurs Sociaux en Milieu Scolaire souhaite apporter aux familles des élèves et aux jeunes étudiants de notre canton qui en ont besoin, une aide concrète et rapide.
by agtsms, Geneva
158% funded
CHF 15’880 pledged
178 backers

Ixpaluca - equitable coffee

Startup, agriculture, and Fair Trade
Support Ixpaluca, the first ever coffee created under the Equal Profit model, which upholds a new way of merchandising by redistributing profits in an equitable and transparent manner.
by Equal Profit, Geneva, Bern, and Ixpaluca
112% funded
CHF 30’248 pledged
215 backers

Impact Fund 2020 / Climate

Do more for our climate! With the Impact Fund and your support, we’ll help climate projects at wemakeit come to life. Join us now, the time to save our climate is running out!
by Verein Impact2020 and Team wemakeit, Zürich
108% funded
CHF 271’799 pledged
2037 backers

Cadesio, Swiss Chocolate

Food, Startup, and Community
We dream of improving the society around us through chocolate and self-awareness. Nine chocolates, nine powerful messages and nine Swiss ONGs. Support our project and be part of the change.
by Cadesio Team, Lausanne
23% funded
CHF 13’868 pledged
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Home is a blue dragon

Film and Community
The family of Hưng and Thắng has a daughter Mến who surprisingly lost her memory 20 years ago. She was 17 years old when she suddenly fell ill: she is a victim of Agent Orange.
by Matthias Leupold, Tứ Xã
16% funded
EUR 1’119 pledged
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