Kids / Youth, Technology, and Education
GirlsCodeToo aims to foster and nurture the curiosity, skills, and creativity of girls. We teach tech skills that help them make career and educational decisions for their future! Wanna get involved?
by GirlsCodeToo, Zürich, Lugano, and Lausanne
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Help India Breathe!

Food, Community, and Technology
With a lack of food and oxygen supplies, the second wave of COVID has hit India hard leading to 2000+ deaths per day. Your support through oxygen supply, community kitchens & food kits can save lives.
by Humane Warriors, Amal Mansoor, and Naveen Shams, Zürich, Mumbai, and Delhi
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Fight Hunger, Fight Corona

Food, Community, and Environment
Social Distancing is a luxury for the world's poor. India’s 21 day lockdown has thrown thousands of daily wage workers out of jobs. Help vulnerable families and the unemployed buy food & medicines.
by Naveen Shams and Rhythima, Zürich, Mumbai, and Delhi
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Kaleido Retreat

Science, Community, and Education
A transdisciplinary multi-day residential programme open to participants of all ages, genders and nationalities, offering workshops and talks that inspire us to discuss, experiment, learn and enjoy.
by Kaleido, Zürich
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Food, Technology, and Environment
Dank einer unkomplizierten App wollen wir Jung und Alt dabei unterstützen, ihre Ernährung regionaler, saisonaler und ökologischer zu gestalten. Und so unseren Beitrag für mehr Nachhaltigkeit leisten.
by eatable, Winterthur
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