The Swinging Kids - album

Music and Kids / Youth
«The Swinging Kids» enregistre son premier album!!!
Du jazz, du rock, de la chanson populaire et aussi des propres compositions! Un cocktail fulgurant...!
by Gàbor&Veronica Barta Kuijken, Bercher
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First album!

In 2016, Sosofluo won the Seynod Voice contest in France. She has been recording her 12 tracks album made of original songs and now needs help to make it happen for real! Thanks for your suppport ;-)
by Sosofluo – Sophie Rochat, Lausanne
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Roulotte à Tacos !

Food and Community
Vegetarien & vegan Tacos 100% handmade, whith organic food coming directly from farms, fresh, raw, and cooked whit a lot of love. We are in diferent markets like Le Chenit, Yverdon, and prived events
by Sur la Route des étoiles Filantes, Morges, Yverdon-les-Bains, and Le Chenit
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Comic «Ich werde operiert»

Publishing, Comics, and Kids / Youth
Stell dir vor: Du bekommst eine Narkose und wirst operiert. Du weisst nicht, was das bedeutet. Und was man mit dir machen wird. Vielen Kindern geht es so. Das wollen wir ändern.
by Kind und Spital, Lenzburg
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Guiding the Senses

Fashion, Design, and Community
An online platform that facilitates the access to fashion information for people with a visual impairment and people without visual restrictions. Help to breed life into the project.
by Dayadi Müller, Zurich
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Publishing, Community, and Kids / Youth
Ein Magazin für Kinder und Jugendliche. Übersetzt in die Gebärdensprache. So etwas fehlt leider immer noch. Auch gehörlose Kinder brauchen Informationen in Ihrer Sprache.
by fingershop, Allschwil
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