One In Ten Times OOAM

Photography, Publishing, and Festival
A book that illuminates the tenth edition of the music festival «One Of A Million» in Baden from a personal and artistic point of view.
by OOAM Festival, Baden
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Pfadi Baden fliegt aus

Community and Kids / Youth
Zum 90-jährigen Jubiläum unserer Pfadi planen wir ein Lager nach Lüneburg, DE. Nur mit eurer finanziellen Unterstützung können wir unser Projekt realisieren und unvergessliche Erinnerungen kreieren.
by Pfadi Baregg Baden, Baden and Bad Fallingbostel
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Kazunari Sakamoto. Lecture

Publishing and Architecture
This book will be the first publication outside Japan to present the theoretical and built work of the renowned Japanese architect Kazuanri Sakamoto as a unity.
by Tao Baerlocher, Zurich
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Book «Designing TWA»

Publishing, Design, and Architecture
The TWA Terminal is one of the best-known buildings of our time. The lack of a book on the icon of the 1960s is all the more surprising. «Designing TWA» shall fill this gap.
by Kornel Ringli, New York and Zurich
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(Life, LIVE)

Photography, Publishing, and Music
(Life, LIVE) is a fly-on-the-wall project documenting the people who decided to make their passion for music their lives. For the past two years I’ve been taking photographs of their lives on the road.
by Tatjana Rüegsegger, Zurich
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