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We Fancy

Politics, Community, and Environment


Another world is still possible! And it will be democratic, or it won’t be! A true ecological and social democracy is within reach, we need you! 💙

CHF 27’615
92 %
31 days to go

Publishing, Journalism, and Community

Leuven, Basel, and Hohenlinden

Your Faith in Humanity

by Tom and Dimi

The Podcast to Restore it - with Dimi Dumortier and Tom, the founder of The Giraffe Heroes Foundation presenting the Guardians of Humanity, people you may count on; and now we count on YOUR SUPPORT!

CHF 6’935
46 %
33 days to go

Performing arts, Dance, and Education


Dance Lab in Lebanon

by Simea Cavelti

Dance as a resourceful and social tool to transform memories and experiences in challenging times - a creative lab resulting in a dance performance and shared with a wide audience across Lebanon.

CHF 6’800
68 %
12 days to go

Science, Community, and Animals


Mit euch tauchen wir in die Tiefen des St. Anna Loches ab. Hilf uns das sagenumwobene St. Anna Loch in Rheinfelden zu erforschen und die Daten der Wissenschaft auch euch zugänglich zu machen.

CHF 4’831
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13 days to go

Now! Projects


Lausanne and Miami

Support and become co-executive producers of the new album Better world by MARQUISE FAIR, singer songwriter from Miami. Marquise has already recorded his first album Ripple in Switzerland in 2018.

CHF 5’110
25 %
15 days to go

Publishing, Community, and Literature



by Gaelle

J’ai besoins d’aide pour payer la maquette de mon livre. La maison d’édition me demande une contribution pour financer le lancement du recueil de poésie. C’est mon premier et sûrement pas le dernier.

EUR 3’550
67 %
3 days to go

Film, Festival, and Kids / Youth

Suisse and Neuchâtel

Time Machine dans 7 villes

by Senders Production

Imaginez un événement avec vos ami·es, un film culte, des friperies, un foodtruck et tout ça dans un cinéma! C'est 𝐓୲𝜧𝐄 𝜧ᗩᥫ𝝜୲ℕ𝐄. Nous voulons débarquer dans 6 nouvelles villes, grâce à vous!

CHF 2’761
61 %
16 hours to go

Film, Music, and Community



by Juan Manuel Vegas

A documentary portrait of the Geneva village of Cartigny at the rhythm of the seasons, of its traditions and through the words of some of the families who have arrived in the last twenty years.

CHF 11’395
75 %
5 days to go

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