The idea to fund a groundbreaking product or support fresh ideas appeals to you? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Together with wemakeit, people sell design products, develop apps, publish cookery books, get start-up companies going and bring out music records – lately, they also buy farms.

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Whether you are alone, a collective, an organisation or a company – our crowdfunding platform allows you to introduce your project to a large audience online and to finance it with the help of a big crowd of backers. At the same time, you discover projects and join in the effort of putting cutting-edge ideas into action.

Start Your Project

You would like to fund a project, expand your community or get a pre-sale of your product going? Start your crowdfunding campaign! We assist you in getting your project ready for crowdfunding and taking it online in no time at all. We also have valuable tips at hand for you on how to reach your funding goal.

Start a Project

Put Projects into Action

Discover projects on wemakeit and become a part of them through your backing. The rewards you get in return for becoming involved will give you the chance to get to know the project and the people behind it - rewards may be personal invitations, products or experiences. In case the project is not successful, your money will be refunded.

Discover Projects

This is how your wemakeit campaign will take off like a rocket

You want your project to be taken care of by experts and present it to the largest crowdfunding community in Switzerland? You need look no further, it’s all here!

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The Makers

wemakeit was founded in Switzerland in February 2012 by the communication consultant Rea Eggli, the artist Johannes Gees and the interaction designer Jürg Lehni and within very short time grew into one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Europe.

Next to our offices in Zurich and Lausanne, we are also present in Vienna and Bellinzona. wemakeit speaks four languages (English, German, French, Italian) and that allows us to communicate with an international community. Ideal conditions to successfully fund your project!