With wemakeit you shape the future independently and self-determinedly

We are wemakeit: a creative crowdfunding platform with 15 enthusiastic employees, 5’300 owners and a committed crowd. Get to know us and find out how you can stand up with us for the future of the next generations.

Who we are

We have been democratising project financing since 2012 in Switzerland and Austria. Since we started, our team has grown to 15 employees - and we are currently the fourth largest crowdfunding platform in Europe. All the while, we’ve always liked to do things differently. In our own way. Does this make us stubborn? Perhaps. Visionary? For sure!

Do you have an idea that needs funding? Do you want to help crowdfunding projects succeed? Are you curious? You’ve come to the right place!

What sets us apart

Our crowdfunding platform helps people independently and self-determinedly shape the future. With this mission, we contribute to a world fit for the next generation – together with the crowd. And together with you.

Our values

We consistently act in accordance with our values:

  • We empower

    We do all we can to support people in their quest to independently and self-determinedly shape the future.

    Think big

  • Community First

    Because we believe in the power of the crowd, the community lies at the heart of all we do.

    Efficient together

  • We are independent

    Being self-financed and independent means we hold the reins.

    Manage consistently

  • We are flexible

    We adapt to new situations with ease and joy.

    Act flexibly

  • We are pioneers

    We always strive to be innovative so that we can stay true to ourselves and advance our visions.

    One step ahead


Together, we shape the world

Start your wemakeit campaign and make your project come to life.


What vision do you have? Would you like to save funny-looking vegetables, record your songs or open a bar? Crowdfunding helps you get funding – as well as your first fans and customers. Our platform can provide you with tools and know-how. Make your vision a reality with wemakeit and the power of the crowd!


This is where you can help

Support current crowdfunding projects.

Community First

We believe in the power of the crowd, which is why we are fully committed to the «community-first» motto. To date, the wemakeit community has already successfully funded more than 6’000 projects - and new projects go online every day! Discover exciting ideas, support them and become part of their success story.


What moves us

Become a wemakeit co-owner.


wemakeit is the first crowdfunding platform that is owned by the community. This is because we believe that the more people we are, the more wemakeit. With community owners’ support, wemakeit will become even more successful, more innovative and more effective.


How we work as a team

Discover how New Work works.


What we do is important to us. How we do it is important to us too. This is why we’ve individually designed our work life and why we’ve chosen to do without classic models of work. Our focus is always on people, which means we have flat hierarchies, a transparent salary model and location-independent working. We share our knowledge of and experience with New Work in lectures and coaching sessions.


The people behind it all

Meet our team.


Our team’s a mixed bag of personalities, abilities, and backgrounds. Regardless of our individual locations, we work together on a common mission. Creating new things, bringing enthusiastic partners on board and realizing innovative projects is what gets us really excited. We are united in our passion for visionary people and wemakeit’s values.

Co-create the world with us!

We can, we want, we do! The more people participate, the more we can achieve. We would love for you to join our mission - towards creating a more sustainable, democratic world.