Your intention is to launch a project yourself? Fund it through the crowd! wemakeit, a platform sporting one of the highest success rates worldwide, is the exact right place for this. We know how to do crowdfunding – and we will tell you, too.

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How you benefit from wemakeit

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Start your wemakeit campaign in up to four languages (en/de/fr/it) – in Swiss francs or in Euro – this allows you to reach an international audience.


Benefit from our cooperations with media partners, foundations and companies who will support and back your project financially.


wemakeit is the right place to strengthen your network and to convince our community to root for you – your backers will soon turn into your most loyal fans.

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Word of honor: We remain at your side for the entire duration of your campaign. Online feedback and tips as well as our help desk are included in our service fee. Promote your project and rely on individual coaching through the wemakeit packages we designed for you.

In good company

Success is contagious: 64% of all crowdfunding campaigns on wemakeit come to a successful close; more than on any other platform. Yours could be the next one.

Market Testing

Let your wemakeit campaign tell you whether people care about your idea and roll out your product with necessary funds safely secured.

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Transparent Costs

If your project concludes successfully, we deduct 10% of the total amount (6% service and 4% payment fees). Not more and not less. If you shouldn’t make it, you will not incur any costs at all.

You may trust us

When it comes to money, we’re very Swiss: upon conclusion of the project, the funds collected will be paid out to you quickly and reliably.


You have a product for sale already at hand? Do your pre-sale on wemakeit risk-free and connect with customers ready to spend it.

Our success stories

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Are you in need of a new machine for your farm? Or are you dedicated through and through to developing a new cheese specialty or cultivating a different kind of tomato? Here you will find the people to buy it from you!

Picture 22024545 dfe5 49ae b75a d80d816de7b8

Roman Hartmann

Farmy Pop-up Restaurant

CHF 36’830 funded

«Thanks to our crowdfunding campaign, were were able to cause a stir and raise awareness of our brand, particularly in the Zurich scene. This resulted in an increased sales volume and plenty of new customers.»


You want to do good for society, either through a humanitarian or a neighborhood initiative? Tell us all about it! Your first allies are waiting to join your ranks!

Picture cef73499 6cab 46ba aa08 49218dd50df5

Aline Langenegger

Die fehlende Lunge

CHF 34’892 funded

«With a crowdfunding campaign with wemakeit, promoting one’s project idea and finding backers is a waltz. It’s clear, it’s easy... and it works!»


You designed a ground-breaking new product and now you want to manufacture its first edition? Or are you interested in marketing your own label? Fill new fans with enthusiasm!

Picture 1d2859dc e9a3 4cf8 b266 d27efdcf31ee



CHF 26’350 funded

«Had the production costs not been funded in advance, the risk of producing 6000 party bombs would have been too great for us. This way we knew for sure that there are people who want to buy KAWOOM – and were able to pay the first major bill directly.»

Fair Trade

Your plan is to take exotic fruit and other delicacies from producers to consumers? This will open up new possibilities for you and let you connect with conscious buyers.


You have an idea for a movie or the finished script at hand already for that all-time classic? Let us see your first trailer and very soon the film will start in front of your new audience!

Picture 8c90bc7f 2445 44f5 ad74 115015fd4f12

Uli Jürgens

The disobedient consul

EUR 8’092 funded

«If the wemakeit campaign had not been successful, I would not be shooting documentaries anymore now. It was like a kick that proved decisive for my setting foot in the film industry. »


You want to publish a recipe book, open a restaurant or host exclusive evening dinners? Make us hungry for your cookery passion and get hold of your guests!

Picture 756c234e edcb 4573 8fa5 f1f580a09a51


Schweizer Espressomaschine

CHF 57’075 funded

«We used the wemakeit campaign as a market test as well as to do a pre-sale. Bottom line: It was short and strong - just like a good espresso! We are wide awake now and ready to take the next steps.»


The time is ripe for you to produce your own magazine, podcast or talk show? We are all ears and your audience and your readers are just around the corner - so roll up your sleeves!

Picture d2150d5b 1c03 4034 9d1f f364f36d6e64

Matthias Taugwalder

The search for truth

CHF 17’902 funded

«For photography and book projects, wemakeit is exactly the right place. I managed to do the exhibition catalogue, which turned out to be a truly unique contemporary document. »


Are you planning to record an album in a professional studio? Or go on tour with your band? Make a song about it and find your fans!

Picture 570f3a84 135c 436f a844 ebf5e1438ef5

Anna Rossinelli

Takes Two To Tango

CHF 51’579 funded

«Even though we occasionally found ourselves sailing against a harsh wind, our campaign was successful, which allowed us to implement our project «Takes Two To Tango», develop a close relationship with our backers, and also meet lots of new people.»


You want to present your photographs in a book or an exhibition? Whether it’s in black and white or in colors: Show your photos and find an audience for them.

Picture 4613673c 5c93 4d4a 8d25 f75841643155

EIKON - International Magazine for Photography and Media Art

5 x 5. Photo Tracks

EUR 38’285 funded

«If you put in a real big deal of effort, you can achieve something truly grand. Actually, you can achieve things no one would have ever believed possible.»


You are about to launch an initiative, get funding for the unconditional basic income, or run for a public office? No matter if it's on the world stage or for your municipal council - get your campaign rolling and reach out to like-minded people.

Picture fa0e049e 0dc0 4107 b20e 3dafe4041cb9

Donat Kaufmann

Mir langets!

CHF 147’271 funded

«wemakeit is the personal fitness coach for your project idea. They have the equipment and know-how to whip it into shape, the motivation to encourage it, and the emergency energy bar to give it a new boost in case of exhaustion.»


You are dying to bring out a new magazine, edit a book or even found a new publishing house? Write to us – all but a few words will suffice to find your readers!

Picture ec9ac20c 9e9a 4964 af3d 868a2f30db4d

Sylvan Müller

Alpine Delikatessen

CHF 32’050 funded

«The wemakeit campaign allowed us to spread the word about our book long before it was printed. In that sense, it didn't merely provide financial support, but also PR.»


Du hast ein Unternehmen gegründet und möchtest dein Produkt oder deine Dienstleistung der Öffentlichkeit präsentieren? Starte einen Markttest und finde deine ersten Kunden!

Picture a88421bc d31a 4126 a90d 7693ee10f48b

David Bächtold

Vive Citrus – mehr Saft!

CHF 35’410 funded

«At wemakeit, projects are funded with genuine commitment – which is why I feel I’m in the best of hands there. Besides, the wemakeit team provides enthusiastic, hearty, and perfectly timed support.»

A Crowdfunding Project – How Does It Work?

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Your Idea

You, your team, your start-up or your organisation are/is intent on carrying out a project but the necessary funds are still missing. Is your project attributable to at least one of our categories and does it conform to our guidelines? If so, you are ready to go: More than 2600 projects have already been successfully funded through wemakeit – maybe yours will be next.

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Define Your Project

First you enter all relevant information on the project with our interactive editor. Where do you fix your funding goal and for how long will your campaign be running? You describe your idea using images, video and text and you explain in detail – most importantly! – the rewards. The backers will get these rewards in return for their financial contribution. The more interesting the rewards, the easier it is to find a large number of backers. Once you finished editing your project, we will activate it for you. We make sure your project conforms to our guidelines and we will get back to you in case we still have questions or remarks. As soon as everything is in place, we will activate your campaign for publication and continue to provide you with hands-on advice. Would you like to discuss your project with a crowdfunding expert before starting it? Book your personal coaching session.

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Plan Your Campaign

It pays off to set out a communication strategy in advance, before the project begins. After all, what's necessary first and foremost is for your potential backers to actually learn about your crowdfunding campaign. Think about whom you could write to and when and how to do this. Think about who could help you spread the word about your project. Tell everyone close to you in your network so as to be sure that your family and friends will be supporting you right from the very beginning. Let us know if you would like us to help you design your own personalized communications strategy.

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Get Hold of Backers

As soon as your campaign is online, you make as much noise as possible: personally, on social media, through mailings – the more people to know about it, the better! Do not forget: on wemakeit, it's «all or nothing». Your project needs to make it to at least 100% of its funding goal otherwise it ends without success and the backers get their money back. Going strong in the beginning will take you far – if you can make it to between 20 and 30% within the first week, chances are that you will conclude your campaign successfully.

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Conclude Your Campaign

If you fund your project with success, we will transfer the amount collected minus 10% in fees (6% service charge and 4% transaction fees) to your account. In case your project does not make it to 100% of its funding goal, all your backers will get their money back. In this case, you will not incur any costs. But actually, we very much believe that your crowdfunding campaign will make it and that you will be able to realize your plans.

This is how your wemakeit campaign will take off like a rocket

You want your project to be taken care of by experts and present it to the largest crowdfunding community in Switzerland? You need look no further, it’s all here!

wemakeit Packages

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