Swisscom Music Booster

Ready to boost your career. Give your music career the boost it needs with the Swisscom Music Booster – and storm the world stage as an up-and-coming Swiss music artist.

With sponsorship, Swisscom can boost you closer to your dreams. Start your crowdfunding campaign now on wemakeit and take advantage of the Swisscom Music Booster.

How it works: Once you reach the first third of your funding goal, Swisscom will cover the second third (maximum CHF 3,000). If you then succeed in making up the remaining amount with the support of your community, you will receive the total amount. 

Start your project now and boost your career with Swisscom.

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  • Faber
  • Joel Goldenberger
    Joel Goldenberger
  • Crème solaire
    Crème solaire
  • Céline Hales
    Céline Hales

Conditions of participation

  • Swiss bands and musicians from the fields of rock, pop, electro and urban music can take part.
  • The average age of the musicians must not exceed 30 years.
  • Participation in the Swisscom Music Booster must be noted in the submission.
  • The music projects go through the usual registration process at wemakeit. The artists will be advised by the project coaches; they will receive a confirmation if they meet the conditions for the channel.
  • Swisscom will cover the second third of the project’s target amount, up to a maximum of CHF 3,000 per project.
  • Swisscom acts as a normal supporter – the amount is only paid out if the crowdfunding campaign is successfully completed.
  • Swisscom will offer support to a limited number of projects. No further projects will be supported once the total budget has been reached. Participation in the channel does not therefore automatically guarantee financial support from the channel partner.
  • Bands and musicians agree to Swisscom reporting on the project via, social media, newsletters and all blue channels.

Any questions? Contact us at any time.