Are you an up-and-coming Swiss talent who’s ready to get their career off the ground and take audiences across the world by storm? 

The Swisscom Music Booster is here to give your music career the boost it needs. With its interactive approach to sponsoring, Swisscom’s booster helps you get closer to making your dreams a reality – and can even get you an appearance on TV! Start your wemakeit crowdfunding campaign now and take advantage of the Swisscom Music Booster. 

As soon as you reach one third of your funding target, Swisscom will offer you the second third (max. CHF 3,000). If you manage to cover the rest with the help of your community, the total amount will be paid out to you in full. 

But that’s not all: apply for the new Teleclub TV show simply by ticking an additional box and you’ll be in with a chance to win a TV appearance that could make you a household name across Switzerland! Start your project now and boost your career with Swisscom.

If you have any  questions  we’re always happy to help. 

Start a project

  • Eligible are Swiss rock, pop, electro and urban bands and musicians.
  • The average age of the musicians must not exceed 30.
  • In order to apply, a corresponding mention in the submission is required. The application for the TV show must also be noted.
  • All music projects will go through wemakeit’s standard application procedure, receive assistance from project coaches and a confirmation in case they meet the requirements for the channel.
  • After securing 33% of the funding goal, the second third will be paid by Swisscom, max. CHF 3,000 per project.
  • Swisscom acts in the capacity of a normal backer – the money will be paid out only if the crowdfunding campaign is concluded successfully.
  • Swisscom backs a limited amount of projects. As soon as the total budget is usued up, no further projects will be backed. Taking part in the channel does not guarantee a financial support through Swisscom.
  • To take part in the TV show, the wemakeit campaign must be successfully completed by October 11, 2020.
  • Bands and musicians agree to Swisscom writing about the campaigns on, and on social media.
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