Urner Kantonalbank Booster

The Urner Kantonalbank helps making dream projects in and for the Canton of Uri happen. Your project was not chosen by the independent jury in the first round of the project competition «Gewinn für unser Uri» for the centenary of the Urner Kantonalbank? In this case, the Urner Kantonalbank now gives your project a second chance with crowdfunding! The Urner Kantonalbank supports you with the «UKB Booster».

This is how it works: Register your project on wemakeit starting from April 15, 2016, and then go find friends and fans who will support it financially. There are three steps to take to collect the amount you need for your project.

  • The UKB Boost takes effect once you secured the first third (33.3%) of the funding goal with the help of your backers.
  • The Urner Kantonalbank will take on the second third (33.3%), up to a maximum of CHF 10,000.
  • The last third (33.3%), you will raise again through the crowd. If you manage to conclude your campaign successfully, the entire amount will be paid out to you.

Get going right away, this works on a first-come, first-served basis until all the funds are distributed.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help you anytime.

Start a project

Conditions of Participation

  • Eligible are projects, which were submitted to the centenary project competition «Gewinn für unser Uri», selected by the jury but not rewarded.
  • Projects must be submitted with the same name and content as used for the project competition «Gewinn für unser Uri». The funding goal may be scaled down if necessary.
  • When submitting the project on wemakeit, you need to indicate that you wish to participate in the UKB Booster.
  • The project duration cannot extend beyond March 31, 2017. The budget is limited. The first-come, first-served principle applies until the fixed budget is used up.
  • All projects will go through wemakeit’s standard application procedure, receive assistance from project coaches and a confirmation in case they meet the requirements for the channel.
  • In total, the Urner Kantonalbank assures the second third of the respective funding goal after the first third is reached, but not more than CHF 10’000 for each project.
  • The Urner Kantonalbank acts in the capacity of a normal backer – the amount will only be transferred if the crowdfunding campaign concludes successfully, that is, if the campaign reaches at least 100% of its funding goal.
  • The money going towards the funding goal will be paid into an account at the Urner Kantonalbank.
  • Project initiators agree to the Urner Kantonalbank communicating the project on ukb.ch, unseruri.ch and via the social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Google+.