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Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Food Forest in Sizilien

Sei von Anfang an mit dabei! Ermögliche eine klimafreundliche und mafiafreie Landwirtschaft in Sizilien und hilf mit, dass sich die frischen Früchte und Nüsse schon bald auf den Weg zu uns machen.
by Crowd Container, Parrini
113% funded
CHF 67’875 pledged
477 backers
Agriculture, tourism, and Environment

SIZILIEN.. Land der Zitronen

Wir wollen Agrarland in Sizilien neues Leben einhauchen. Anpflanzen, verarbeiten und direkt vermarkten. Bisherige Erfahrungen mit anderen teilen, Menschen bewirten und sanften Tourismus umsetzen.
by SaAn, San Biagio Platani
1% funded
EUR 2’300 pledged
10 backers
Food, agriculture, and Fair Trade

Crowd Container #4

Diese Passata aus alten Tomatensorten gibt's nur im Crowd Container! Die Kooperative Valdibella hat sie extra für euch produziert – 100% fair und transparent vom Feld auf deinen Teller.
by Crowd Container, Zürich, Camporeale, and Syracuse
131% funded
CHF 65’878 pledged
525 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Agriturismo «Paradiso»

Ich wandere diesen Frühling nach Süditalien, auf ein wunderschönes Anwesen in Lecce, Apulien (IT) aus. Dort entsteht ein Agriturismo. Ich lade Dich ein, am Projekt teilzunehmen und es zu unterstützen.
by Mara Denise Alessandra Pauli, Torre Mozza
9% funded
CHF 4’166 pledged
26 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Tourism

Agriturismo L'UPUPA

We are a small olive farm in Salve, Puglia, Italy and in the last steps to open our Agri-Camping. We are inviting like-minded people to join our project and support us.
by Makoto - Agriturismo L'UPUPA, Salve
113% funded
CHF 33’900 pledged
99 backers
Agriculture and Environment

Organic Farming

To relaunch organic farming on a ground that wasn't managed for years, we need fonds to cultivate the soil. The farm is property of the Hare Krishna community in Florence.
by Lucalib, San Casciano In Val di Pesa
1% funded
EUR 200 pledged
3 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Education

Laboratory of Sustainability

Zemljani (Earthlings) is an association dedicated to promoting the philosophy of permaculture through building and testing self-sufficient and sustainable systems in our Laboratory in Mostar.
by i-platform, Potoci, Mostar
110% funded
CHF 5’534 pledged
78 backers
Agriculture, tourism, and Environment

An environment to protect

In the last 25 years we have taken care of the countryside in Liguria. This year some unexpected events such as harsh weather and Covid-19 have hit us heavily. We need your support to start again!
by Alessia, Rialto
101% funded
EUR 20’258 pledged
114 backers
Food, agriculture, and Environment

Sojevë Manufaktur

Wir bauen eine Manufaktur für Obst-, Gemüse- und Pilzverarbeitung in der Region von Ferizaj im Kosovo.
by Sojevë Manufaktur, Sojevë
47% funded
CHF 12’930 pledged
33 backers
Agriculture, tourism, and Environment

Kürbisse von Corteglia

Wir kehren zurück zum 100% natürlichen Anbau der Kürbisse von Corteglia, einem kleinen Dorf im Kanton Tessin.
by Flaviomonticelli, Castel San Pietro
11% funded
EUR 580 pledged
9 backers
Film, agriculture, and Education

Seeds for the Future

A documentary about Rudolf Steiner and the fruits of his ideas. An independent project filmed in Ticino, Switzerland, focusing on the fields of study where Steiner's ideas have been most fruitful.
by Susana de Sousa Tavares and GabrieleLenzi, Lugano, Locarno, and Alto Malcantone
107% funded
CHF 6’331 pledged
37 backers

Britos-Granja La Orientala

Sustain an Organic farm in Uruguay. A project to do more and better. To demonstrate that – thanks to your support – an alternative production system is feasible, appreciated and livable.
by Britos, Montevideo and Lugano
120% funded
CHF 19’200 pledged
131 backers