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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Petrópolis. But this may be of interest to you.
Community, Environment, and Education

Zero Waste Ambassador

I am Swiss, living in Brazil as a zero waste ambassador and manager of a waste reduction program. I need the support of a basic income to prevent tons of garbage leaking from a waste dump into the sea
by Zero Waste Gabriele, Maraú
17% funded
EUR 2’120 pledged
10 backers
Tourism and Environment

Bioconstruction in Pantanal

The construction of 4 original and comfortable bungalows, in the middle of amazing nature, offers promising benefits to welcomed guests from all over the world who wish to experience Pantanal & Bonito
0% funded
CHF 440 pledged
4 backers
Sport, tourism, and Environment

Raiz Kite Cabana

Je suis tombé amoureux d’un petit coin de paradis où vit ma fiancée au Nord-Est du Brésil. Nous avons pour ambition d'y monter un éco-tourisme: des cabanes confortables, écologiques et durables.
by Valerian Escher, Jericoacoara
101% funded
CHF 10’139 pledged
88 backers
Community and Environment

Pour une Alliance Verte

Aidez-nous à faire de notre Alliance française une Alliance verte,
grâce à des projets pédagogiques et culturels intégrant des thématiques environnementales pour un comportement éco-responsable.
by Alliance française de Cochabamba - Bolivie, Cochabamba
10% funded
EUR 690 pledged
13 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Ferme Bio, Yes we can!!

Nous sommes ravis d’avoir découvert cette vallée source de vie, emplie de la présence du millénaire peuple quechua, avec lequel nous nous sommes engagés pour une agriculture durable.
by Fico & Héloïse, Sipe Sipe
102% funded
CHF 22’682 pledged
52 backers
Politics, Community, and Environment

Landrechte für Indigene

Die indigene Gemeinschaft der Tupinambá braucht Unterstützung, damit sie ihre Landrechte einfordern und ihren Lebensraum, den Amazonas-Regenwald, vor illegalen Eindringlingen schützen kann.
by Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker, Santarém
104% funded
CHF 8’350 pledged
106 backers
Food, Fair Trade, and Environment

Mó Acá In Amazonía Chocolate

Amazon’s fires may be calming down in Bolivia, but the battle for the future of the world’s biggest tropical rainforest is not over. Please help us protect it by eating chocolate!
by Mó-Aca-In Amazonía, Madidi and Alto Beni
11% funded
CHF 6’815 pledged
47 backers
Politics, Community, and Environment

The GUARDIANS of the Forest

The project aims to support indigenous people in the Amazon region during the 2020 COVID-19 global crisis. That project aims to provide communities with basic necessities and medical supplies.
by MetareProject, Laure Vancau, and Sara Botero Mesa, Leticia
100% funded
CHF 10’047 pledged
135 backers
Community and Environment

Déchets pour la conservation

Collecter tous les déchets non-organiques auprès des communautés locales de Puerto Nariño en Amazonie colombienne pour les transformer en matériaux de construction et ainsi éviter la déforestation.
by Association Yacu world, Puerto Nariño
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers
Literature and Environment

Buch: Mit Maus und Machete

Ein illustriertes Buch mit 30 Erzählungen aus dem peruanischen Alltag soll Erfrischendes, Bedenkliches und Fröhliches festhalten, unterhalten und zum Denken anregen.
by Michael Walder, Oxapampa
37% funded
CHF 2’220 pledged
12 backers
Fair Trade, Community, and Environment

Empowering Indigenous Women.

Do you know why the empowerment of indigenous women is so important? Indigenous women have their unique knowledge, which is very useful and effective for sustainable development initiatives.
by BluoVerda Deutschland e.V., Padre Abad
119% funded
EUR 8’930 pledged
50 backers
Tourism and Environment

Öko Loge Der Wächter

Wir möchten einen 292 Hektar Baum und Wildbestand vor der Abholzung retten. Das Land befindet sich in Tarapoto Peru und wurde von uns kurzfristig gekauft.
by Peruhilfe, Shapaja
0% funded
CHF 41 pledged
3 backers