Go Vrac - Neuchâtel

Food, Startup, and Environment
Go Vrac est un projet d’épicerie en vrac au centre ville de Neuchâtel qui proposera un système de livraison à domicile.Nous comptons ouvrir nos portes courant 2017.
by Go Vrac, Neuchâtel
143% funded
CHF 28’710 pledged
294 backers

COLD BREW à la Suisse

Food, Startup, and Fair Trade
Bring Cold Brew to Switzerland! Black cold coffee sounds awful? Wrong! It is smooth, has a caramel like taste and is even better for your stomach. Drink it, mix it and become a Cold Brew pioneer!
by Direct Coffee, Zürich, Geneva, and Basel
108% funded
CHF 8’715 pledged
105 backers

Saharan Refugee Camps

Exhibition, Photography, and Community
Benjamin Visinand und Guillaume Bégert besuchten im Dezember 2015 die saharauischen Flüchtlingslager in der Nähe von Tindouf. Zurück in der Schweiz organisieren sie mehrere Fotoausstellungen.
by Benjamin Visinand, Geneva, Neuchâtel, and Lausanne
195% funded
CHF 4’205 pledged
52 backers

Chernobyl’s children grew up

Exhibition, Photography, and Publishing
Chernobyl disaster gave birth to Ukraine’s youngest city: Slavutych. Discover this city’s youth turning into adults. An adventure filled with love, vodka and optimism.
by Niels Ackermann, Geneva, Slavutych, and Chornobyl
242% funded
CHF 14’534 pledged
136 backers

First album by Yanač

We played under the sun in all the streets we could find, but now the winter forces us to stay inside. So, in order not to cool down, we are about to record a CD, our first one !
by Yanač, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchatel
209% funded
CHF 6’276 pledged
66 backers