Opera Premiere in Vienna

Music and Performing Arts


My name is Angel Hernández, the composer of the opera «The encounters of Alice». We need your support to make the premiere successful!

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VIVID Consort Debut CD



VIVID Consort Debut CD

by Vivid Consort

«Bitter Fruit» – a collection of songs from the renaissance era, joyful, heartbreaking, bittersweet melodies delivered by instruments and voices of VIVID Consort. Join VIVID on their latest adventure!

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Double Phaces – Debut CD



Established in Vienna the Sargas Duo combines two different instruments, which have had two different developments in different historical contexts and eras: the organ and the saxophone.

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Kaleidoskop – CD

Music and Art


Kaleidoskop – CD

by Georg Palmanshofer

Das Mobilis Saxophonquartett entführt Sie in eine neue Welt des Farbenspektakels. Lassen Sie Ihre Ohren kaleidoskopisch durch die Werke großer Meister wie Bach, Strauss, Glasunow oder Haas tanzen.

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